Health Secrets: How To Quickly Cure A Cold?

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Health Secrets: How To Quickly Cure A Cold?
Health Secrets: How To Quickly Cure A Cold?

Video: Health Secrets: How To Quickly Cure A Cold?

Video: Health Secrets: How To Quickly Cure A Cold?
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Health secrets: how to quickly cure a cold?

There is probably no person who would not have a cold. Runny nose, cough, headache - these symptoms are known to everyone. The peak of colds falls in the fall. ARVI has already come to schools and kindergartens, the flu is slowly making its way into cities, in a word, winter is coming!

SARS: modes of transmission, causes of morbidity
SARS: modes of transmission, causes of morbidity

Insidious helpers of the common cold

It seems, well, how can you get sick? And why did this happen? After all, others drink cold water and sit in drafts - and nothing, they are healthy, no viruses take them. It's all about weakened immunity. Usually viruses, which are abundant around us, entering the body, are destroyed by elements of the immune system. But when the immune system is weakened, the immune system cannot cope with its protective function and harmful microorganisms begin to multiply unhindered. It is then that those unpleasant symptoms appear, which we call a cold, and doctors - an acute respiratory viral infection - ARVI.

In recent years, scientists have noted that the number of infectious diseases is growing. This means that our immunity is getting weaker. This phenomenon is associated primarily with the stresses that we are exposed to more and more often, especially in big cities. Huge amounts of information that the brain is no longer able to process, the tense rhythm of life, the eternal lack of time, anxiety and anxiety - this is the environment in which a modern city dweller lives, or rather, turns like a squirrel in a wheel. Add to this environmental concerns: polluted air and water, dust, soot, exhaust fumes, heavy metals, products containing chemical additives and sometimes toxic substances. And the situation is unlikely to improve in the near future. All this negatively affects the immune system, and it is beyond our power to influence these factors.

Of course, you can leave the polluted city for the deep taiga, enjoy peace, clean air, drink spring water, start your own farm and eat exclusively organic products. But such a solution to the problem is too radical and is unlikely to suit everyone. Luckily, there are other ways to boost immunity and fight viral infections. These are drugs that restore the functions of the immune system. They fight viruses and infections that cause flu and SARS, making a person's own immune system work better.

Know the password and see the landmark

How do these drugs work? They activate the immune system and produce their own interferon, a protein secreted by the cells of the body in response to the invasion of the virus. In addition, these drugs suppress inflammation, normalize the permeability of small vessels, stimulate antioxidant mechanisms that neutralize the toxic waste products of viruses, which also helps to defeat the infection. Thanks to this, recovery occurs much faster, the disease proceeds in a milder form, and the risk of complications is reduced. So, if you take the drug at the very beginning of the disease, then the acute period is halved.

For example, "Tsitovir-3" has three important components in its composition: bendazole, thymogen and ascorbic acid. They stimulate the immune system with varying degrees of intensity, and in combination, by an order of magnitude, reduce the risk of getting sick during an epidemic or reduce the time and severity of the disease. Thus, benzadol acts on phagocytes and granular lymphocytes, increasing their activity. Moreover, it triggers the synthesis of its own interferon in the body. Thymogen, or, scientifically, glutamyl-tryptophan, belongs to the class of organic compounds - dipeptides. It stimulates the activity of the entire immune system and has the ability to inhibit inflammatory processes by affecting the activity of specific cytokines. The third component, ascorbic acid, often serves as one of the components of antiviral drugs. Super strong antioxidantit also participates in many important biochemical processes.

In addition, having a minimal effect on the non-target systems of the body, metabolic products of the Cytovir-3 components are easily excreted. And the release forms of the drug are selected so that they meet the needs of the widest range of patients: capsules for adults and delicious syrup or powder for preparing solutions for children. "Tsitovir-3" now occupies a worthy place on the shelves of pharmacies, seriously surpassing other effective antiviral drugs.

Citovir-3 capsules
Citovir-3 capsules

Three dosage forms to defeat immunity

Returning to the question of the best time to take "Citovir-3", it is worth saying that it would be best to carry out prevention in advance, without waiting for the illness. But if you or your child are already sick, do not worry - "Tsitovir-3" will quickly put you on your feet in a matter of days!

We asked one of the developers of the drug, Sergei Viktorovich Petlenko, an immunologist, doctor of medical sciences, about the peculiarities of the use of "Citovir".

How and when is it necessary to take "Tsitovir-3" for the prevention of flu and colds?

- For the prevention of acute respiratory viral infections and influenza, the drug should be used during periods of rising seasonal morbidity. It is believed to be October - April. "Tsitovir-3" can be taken by repeated courses with 3-4 week breaks, during the entire epidemic season, according to age dosages. For preventive purposes, it is good for a child to give "Tsitovir-3" when he starts attending child care facilities, in the first week or one week before the start of classes.

Sergey Viktorovich, what are the main advantages of the powder dosage form "Cytovira-3" over other types of the drug?

- In "Tsitovir-3" in the form of a powder, unlike syrup, the main auxiliary substance is fructose, not sucrose. That is, "Citovir - 3" in powder for diluting the solution is recommended for children from 1 to 6 years old, prone to allergic reactions and with restrictions on sugar consumption. When a child is sick with ARVI, in addition to the antiviral drug, he is given various symptomatic medications, drinks, vitamins. All these additional funds, as a rule, are also sweet, and in this case, in order not to overload the child's body, taking a neutral "Citovir" will be more reasonable. "Tsitovir-3" in powder is more convenient to take on the road, because it will not spill, and given the fact that children start traveling earlier and earlier, the presence of an antiviral drug in a similar form in the first-aid kit is very convenient.

Is it true that "Tsitovir" -3 can be taken even by the smallest children, and it will not harm them? And what about mothers who are breastfeeding?

- "Tsitovir-3" in the form of powder or syrup is recommended for children from 1 to 6 years old. All other recommendations have the right to be given by a pediatrician who "leads" your child from birth and can apply his own treatment regimens based on the experience and individual characteristics of the baby. For example, if a child is large and ahead of his peers in weight, the standard dose of the drug is often increased. the dosage of most drugs is calculated per 1 kilogram of weight.

Tsitovir-3 for children
Tsitovir-3 for children

In the instructions for the drug "Citovir-3" breastfeeding is not a contraindication to use, but it is recommended to use the drug "WITH CARE". During this period, "Cytovir - 3" is recommended only when the intended benefit to the mother outweighs the potential risk to the child. And this risk / benefit ratio can be objectively assessed only by your attending physician.

Thus, everyone who has a sweet tooth and those who, for various reasons, refuses sugar, can find their own "Citovir-3". It is important that in any dosage form, the drug is an effective and inexpensive drug for the prevention and treatment of ARVI

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