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Slimming Rope
Slimming Rope

Video: Slimming Rope

Video: Slimming Rope
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Slimming rope

For many, the rope brings back memories of childhood and is an exclusively girlish attribute. However, using a rope for weight loss has a noticeable and lasting effect.

Jumping rope for weight loss

Just 10 minutes of jumping rope for weight loss replaces 1.5 km of jogging
Just 10 minutes of jumping rope for weight loss replaces 1.5 km of jogging

The United States Heart Association has come to the conclusion that the rope is one of the most effective cardiovascular equipment. From the point of view of energy consumption, it practically corresponds to running, but at the same time it does not harm the spine in the form of compression.

Before you start jumping rope for weight loss, you should make sure that there are no certain cardiological pathologies that negatively affect the heart rate, since, especially at the initial stages of training, there is a significant increase in heart rate. Also, when jumping rope, you should be careful with the toes and metatarsal bones of the foot. To avoid unpleasant sensations after training, do not jump on an excessively hard surface, as well as on a surface that is too soft and in shoes with rubber soles. Comfortable sports shoes and a soft, slightly springy surface are considered the best option.

Slimming rope: results

When choosing a rope for weight loss, it is useful to know that ten minutes of jumping rope corresponds to:

  • 1.5 km jogging;
  • 2 tennis sets;
  • 12 minutes swimming;
  • 3 km bike ride.

In order to provide the body with the necessary cardio loads, it is necessary to jump rope on average three times a week, spending at least fifteen minutes on each such workout. If you plan to use a rope for weight loss, then the duration of the workout should be about 30-40 minutes.

In order to learn to jump rope, you must first learn to jump separately and perform smooth rotational movements with the rope, and having achieved positive results, these two movements must be combined. During jumping rope, the hands are pressed to the body and bent at the elbows. First, they step forward with their left foot, then they perform a jump on it, and then perform the same movements with their right foot. Only the hands are involved in the performance of rotational movements, and the number of jumps should as a result be increased to 75-80 times per minute, otherwise the rope will not reach a vertical position.

When using a jump rope for weight loss, it is common for beginners to try to jump too high. In fact, you should not be more than three centimeters off the floor. You need to push off with your big toes, and land on the pads of the fingers, since, dropping to a full foot, it can be injured. Also, do not make any unnecessary movements.

The choice of a rope for weight loss should be carried out in accordance with certain rules:

  • Height <152 cm - rope length = 210 cm;
  • Height <176 cm - rope length = 250 cm;
  • Height <183 cm - rope length = 280 cm;
  • Height> 183 cm - rope length = 310 cm.

Slimming rope: reviews

Using a rope for weight loss helps you quickly burn large amounts of calories
Using a rope for weight loss helps you quickly burn large amounts of calories

According to reviews and expert estimates, an average person weighing 70 kg consumes about 700 kcal in one hour of jumping rope. By increasing the speed, this figure is quite realistic to bring up to 1000 kcal per hour.

In addition, the rope is also an excellent simulator for improving coordination and strengthening the leg muscles themselves. It is in this capacity that it is used in the training of professional athletes - basketball players, boxers, figure skaters, football players and others.

Jumping rope also has a positive effect on strengthening the muscles of the upper body. The use of a rope for weight loss is based on the effect of burning a large number of calories in a short period of time. That is why rope exercises are advised to be included in the daily set of physical exercises. The expediency of using a rope for weight loss also lies in the fact that by performing exercises with its help, it is impossible to reduce the load.

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