Israeli Hospital Assuta

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Israeli Hospital Assuta
Israeli Hospital Assuta

Video: Israeli Hospital Assuta

Video: Israeli Hospital Assuta
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Israeli Hospital Assuta

The modern Israeli clinic Assuta in Tel Aviv is a private medical center that is famous all over the world. It is here that the best world-renowned doctors work, using modern equipment and fighting even the most complex diseases using the latest technologies. Assuta has a large international department, ready to receive patients from all over the world, providing them with good medical care at an affordable cost.

The main advantages of the Assuta Medical Center
The main advantages of the Assuta Medical Center

The main advantages of the medical center

Metropolitan Medical Center Assuta is the best clinic in the country and the world. Every year, thousands of patients from all over the world are admitted here, not refusing even those who have the most complex diseases. By choosing this particular medical center to deal with their problems, each patient will have the opportunity to enjoy the following benefits:

  • the clinic has its own state-of-the-art diagnostic center;
  • all medical specialists have extensive experience;
  • patients with the most complex pathologies are accepted here;
  • treatment is cheaper than in most European countries;
  • the patient can choose a doctor for himself;
  • virtually all hospital staff speaks English and almost 30% speak Russian;
  • the clinic makes a 100% correct diagnosis;
  • doctors give preference to minimally invasive operations, which allows the patient to be minimally traumatized, eliminate complications and shorten the rehabilitation period;
  • for each patient, based on the characteristics of his body and general condition, an individual treatment algorithm is used, there is no established template for everyone;
  • for complex operations and other types of treatment, doctors use innovative technologies, including a robot surgeon, gamma and cyber knives, as well as other, latest developments.

The clinic's doctors are constantly improving their qualifications and are actively working to find effective methods of dealing with the most complex diseases. The effectiveness of treatment at the Assuta clinic is also confirmed by its high ratings, because it is the leader in the list of the best.

Official statistics of the Assuta Medical Center
Official statistics of the Assuta Medical Center

Medical Center Official Statistics

According to the current statistics, which are confirmed by the hospital's management, the clinic carries out a huge number of operations, diagnostic tests and other medical procedures during the year. The hospital's official statistics provide the following figures:

  • about 85,000 operations are performed per year;
  • 235,000 people are examined at the hospital's diagnostic center for 12 months;
  • more than 5000 heart surgeries are performed per year;
  • Assuta doctors perform about 7000 procedures of in vitro fertilization in one year.

The hospital is successfully fighting cancer, infertility and heart defects. There is a department of aesthetic medicine, which is also used quite often. The clinic accepts patients from all over the world, helping many to overcome even the most difficult diseases.

Assuta is a modern medical center, the popularity of which is fully justified, because only the best doctors work in the clinic, the equipment is replaced every couple of years, and experts do not stop working to find new, highly effective methods of dealing with complex pathologies. Assuta has a good geographical location, you can arrange a visit to the hospital directly, entrusting yourself to specialists who are really professionals in their field and make every effort to preserve the health and life of each patient.

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