Educational Games For 5 Years

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Educational Games For 5 Years
Educational Games For 5 Years

Video: Educational Games For 5 Years

Video: Educational Games For 5 Years
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Educational games for 5 years

Each child's development is unique. Although in general it is determined by a predictable sequence of certain stages, in all children they depend on a number of individual factors. Also, the social environment surrounding him has an important influence on the development of the child.

Educational games for 5 years for the development of speech, logic and communication skills
Educational games for 5 years for the development of speech, logic and communication skills

Educational games for 5-6 years old - speech development

The development of speech in children over 5 years old is quite intensive. Despite the fact that they are actively trying on new roles, their learning still requires careful guidance from adults. They also have a need for approval of their actions when performing certain tasks.

For children 5-7 years old, educational games aimed at practicing speech skills and increasing vocabulary should be selected taking into account these features. Also, in the period of preparation for school, special attention should be paid to increasing the reading speed, since this skill will be extremely necessary for good learning in almost all subjects.

For preschoolers, for the development of speech, you can use various games and exercises that are aimed at developing phonemic hearing. In addition, children of this age are quite easy to teach in a playful way:

  • Ability to correctly determine the place of sound in a word, phrase and sentence;
  • Determine the number of syllables in a word;
  • Select words with a given sound;
  • Find words with the right number of syllables.

To do this, you can use the following educational games for 5-6 years:

  • "Come up with a word." The aim of the game is not only the development of phonemic hearing, but also the ability to count the number of syllables in a word. To do this, using a game or fairytale situation, you need to ask the children to come up with a password word containing a given leading letter or a certain number of syllables to resolve this situation. As a rule, children are happy to join the game. At the same time, it is good if a speech therapist participates in such classes, who can notice the difficulties arising in the child in time and help him with the exercise;
  • The game "Building a track". The aim of the game is to develop phonemic hearing. This game is best done in a circle using a ball. The first child speaks the word and passes the ball to the other participant, who must name a word that starts with the last letter of the previous word. The game ends when the ball returns to the first player. In this educational game for 5-year-olds, a speech therapist must help children pronounce words correctly, clearly highlighting the last sound. Over time, the child develops the skill not only of clearly pronouncing a word, but also of highlighting the last sound;
  • "Trap". The goal of the game is to develop the ability to hear a specific sound in a word. The teacher offers to prepare "traps" - hands for cotton. As soon as children hear a certain sound in a word, which is set by the teacher, the children should clap their hands - “slam the trap”;
  • The educational game for 5-year-olds "Catch the syllable" helps to develop auditory attention and its speed. An educator or speech therapist who works with children speaks a syllable, and the children must convert it into a word, for example: MA - oil, mother; KU - corn, cuckoo; MU - music, cartoon;
  • The Divide Correct game helps to develop the ability to divide words into syllables. At the same time, the speech therapist selects words that are suitable for children of this age, and each syllable should be accompanied by a clap of your hands.

Educational games for 5-7 years for the development of logic

Along with the development of creative abilities, the child needs to develop rationality and logic. In order to meet the requirements of modern society, one must be able to understand and explain actions and events, as well as see the relationship between them and be able to draw correct conclusions.

As a rule, such skills are developed through educational games for 5 years. Almost all children love to play such games, and at the same time they form the main elements of the thought process: classification, comparison, analysis, synthesis and generalization.

One of the favorite games by children is called "Believe - Don't Believe." An adult says a phrase, and a child should not take it as an axiom, but give an assessment in terms of probability, which will teach him not to take on faith unconditionally everything that adults say. For example, “All apples are green”, “Airplanes can swim”, “During a storm, elephants can fly”, “Melons ripen on trees in spring”, “It's always sunny in summer”.

Sometimes you can add ambiguous judgments to the game, in response to which the child must try to explain his point of view. This educational game for 5 years allows the child, relying on reasoning, personal experience and comparisons, to draw an independent conclusion, and also trains observation. For example, "You can't walk on the water" - you can if it freezes; "All birds can fly" - not all, many domestic birds cannot fly; "There is no snow in summer" - it happens, it lies all year round at the poles.

Logic skills can be trained thanks to other educational games for 5 years. You can play the game "Name in one word" both with several children and with a large group of children aged 5-7 years. She develops the ability to think abstractly, as well as the ability to generalize various concepts and phenomena. To do this, you need to name words that can be combined according to a certain criterion, and the children try to define it. For instance:

  • House, hut, shed, garage, skyscraper - structure, building;
  • Bed, chair, wardrobe, armchair - furniture;
  • Mom, sister, aunt, grandfather - family, relatives;
  • Pavel, Sergey, Maxim, Ilya, Andrey - men, male names;
  • Oak, ash, cherry, poplar, apple - trees.

Development of other necessary skills for children 5-7 years old

According to the latest research from leading educators in the world, games can help develop almost all the skills necessary not only for successful schooling, but also those that will be useful for communication with peers.

All educational games for 5 years can be roughly divided into groups:

  • Games that develop physical skills, which include games and exercises to develop dexterity, agility and vestibular apparatus;

    Educational games for 5 year olds - exercises for fun learning
    Educational games for 5 year olds - exercises for fun learning
  • Games that develop cognitive thinking. They contribute to the development of the ability to identify cause-and-effect relationships, train memory, attention and erudition;
  • Games that develop speech skills, which are necessary for the ability to speak beautifully, express your own thoughts and feelings, which is important for communication and interaction with other children and adults;
  • Games that develop the emotional and volitional sphere. During games and exercises, children learn to express their feelings and emotions, control them, getting rid of fears and insecurities;
  • Games that develop social skills needed to quickly adapt to school life.

An educator who knows well the characteristics of the child should select educational games for 5-year-old children that will ensure their full development.

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