Sexual Life After Abortion

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Sexual Life After Abortion
Sexual Life After Abortion

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Video: Sexual Life After Abortion
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Sexual life after abortion

The resumption of sexual relations after an abortion is sometimes accompanied by the appearance of various problems.

How many days after an abortion can you have sex
How many days after an abortion can you have sex

After all, abortion - the termination of an unwanted pregnancy, is a psychological and physical stress for a woman.

From the first days of pregnancy, her body is completely rebuilt to carry and give birth to a new life. If this process is artificially interrupted, then the body needs a long enough time to restore its natural functions.

How many days after an abortion can sexual intercourse begin

The recovery period proceeds depending on the abortion methods used. But the recommendations for resuming sexual activity after an abortion are the same in any case: couples need to abstain from sexual intercourse for 4 weeks. Ideally, sexual activity can begin in 2-3 weeks after the end of the next period. It is this period that doctors set aside for the rehabilitation of the woman's body after an abortion, complete healing of the wound defect in the uterine cavity. In addition, in order to avoid infection of the uterus, it is necessary to refuse for the same period of time and from taking baths, swimming in reservoirs.

In case of any complications after an abortion, this period may be increased, but your doctor will tell you about this. Observing appropriate precautions after this period, sex life after an abortion can be continued.

Considering that an abortion has already been performed, and the onset of a subsequent pregnancy at the very first time is undesirable, it is necessary to take appropriate contraceptive measures. The fact is that within 2-3 weeks after the abortion, the next pregnancy may occur.

Sometimes couples have problems with their intimate life after an abortion. Women are experiencing very hard psychological trauma from the forced termination of pregnancy. There are cases of rejection by a woman of a man as a sexual partner. There can be many reasons - a sense of one's own guilt, a man's guilt, fear of infertility, fear of repeated abortion, pain during sexual intercourse. All this leaves an imprint on the relationship of the couple. In this case, there is no need to rush to start having sex after an abortion.

In order to return life together to a normal course, you need to contact specialists - psychologists and gynecologists. In addition, a woman should consult a mammologist and an endocrinologist, donate blood for hormonal status. If necessary, she may be prescribed medication.

Contraceptive methods for intercourse after abortion

For a safe sex life after an abortion, experts recommend using barrier contraception methods that can not only protect against unwanted pregnancy, but also prevent various infections from entering the not yet fully healed uterine cavity.

The use of combined oral contraceptives is possible, but they should only be taken on the recommendation of a doctor.

To prevent a new unwanted pregnancy and a new abortion, be sure to check with your doctor not only how many days after the abortion you can return to intimate relationships, but also what contraceptive methods are best for you to use.

Application of the spiral after abortion

The intrauterine contraceptive device, better known as the coil, is a reliable means of protection against unwanted pregnancy. The action of the spiral is based on the violation of the contractility of the fallopian tubes and the creation of an obstacle in the uterine cavity for the implantation of the egg. Its convenience lies in the fact that for several years a woman may not worry about an unwanted pregnancy. In addition, the hormone-containing coils reduce the soreness and profusion of menstruation.

Spiral after abortion - tips and tricks
Spiral after abortion - tips and tricks

The spiral is recommended to be inserted in the first seven days of the menstrual cycle.

The question of the use of the spiral after abortion today remains controversial. Some doctors recommend inserting the coil immediately on the operating table after an abortion. But at the same time, the risk of its rejection is possible, tk. the reproductive organs of a woman were "injured" and may not accept a foreign object. Sometimes, when using a spiral after an abortion, bleeding occurs, the risk of inflammation and infection increases.

Therefore, most of the experts are categorically opposed to the use of a spiral after an abortion, as a method of preventing unwanted pregnancy.

Intimate life after an abortion is a very delicate and delicate issue. Each couple, based on their own experience, protecting the health and emotional experiences of partners, must find the right solution to mutual relations. To prevent unwanted pregnancy, you should use the means recommended by experts. In no case should you allow sex life after an abortion to take its course, according to the principle "maybe". Take care of yourself and your loved one!

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