How To Remove A Wart At Home: Effective Ways

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How To Remove A Wart At Home: Effective Ways
How To Remove A Wart At Home: Effective Ways

Video: How To Remove A Wart At Home: Effective Ways

Video: How To Remove A Wart At Home: Effective Ways
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How to remove a wart at home

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  1. How to remove warts at home on hands and feet

    1. Removal with aromatic oils
    2. Other ways to remove warts at home
    3. General recommendations
  2. General information about the disease
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Attempts to remove a wart at home are best done after consulting a doctor. Treatment of a wart with folk remedies and / or pharmaceutical preparations (solutions, ointment, plaster, etc.) can be effective only for some species, in addition, you need to understand that removing a neoplasm does not mean a cure for the disease. To date, it is not possible to get rid of the human papillomavirus with the help of medicines. When the immune system is weakened in an infected person, warts may reappear. For this reason, treatment involves not only removing the warts, but also strengthening the immune system to prevent relapse.

Home remedies for wart removal can be effective when used correctly
Home remedies for wart removal can be effective when used correctly

Home remedies for wart removal can be effective when used correctly

Illiterate attempts to self-remove formations can lead to the development of burns, scars, the addition of a secondary infection, and malignancy.

How to remove warts at home on hands and feet

Before applying medicines to the neoplasm, it is recommended to lubricate the skin around it with petroleum jelly or fatty cream so as not to damage them during the procedure.

Medicine Recipe and explanation
Celandine juice Celandine is one of the most common treatments for warts. To remove the formation, it must be lubricated with plant juice no more than 2 times a day. The tool is not recommended for the treatment of patients under 14 years of age.
Garlic juice

A good remedy for warts is prepared by chopping the garlic and squeezing the juice out of it, with which the neoplasm is lubricated 2-4 times a day. At night, you can make compresses of garlic, crushed to a state of gruel.

Dandelion juice To get rid of the problem with the help of dandelion juice, apply it to the growth 2-3 times a day.
Wormwood solution 3 tablespoons of dry raw materials are poured with 1 glass of boiling water, insisted for 2-2.5 hours, covered with a lid (or in a thermos), filtered and used for compresses at least 1 time per day.
Table vinegar Vinegar should be applied 1 drop to the affected area daily for 10 days.
Apple vinegar Apple cider vinegar is dripped with a pipette onto the neoplasm, 1 drop at a time. The procedure should be carried out daily until the wart begins to regress.
Apple juice Lubricate skin growths with sour apple juice several times a day

Grind the aloe leaf, apply to the steamed skin at the site of the lesion and fix. Before the procedure, you can place the affected limb in a container with a warm solution of baking soda (1 teaspoon of the substance in 1 glass of water) for about 10 minutes. This method can be used to remove a wart on the leg.

Rowan fruits Grind rowan berries, add a little salt to them, place the mixture on the affected area and fix with a bandage.
Onion Attach a plate of onions to the growth, keep for 2 hours.
Onion with salt Chop 1 head of onion, cover with salt and leave until the onions let out the juice. The resulting liquid is lubricated daily with a neoplasm.
Potatoes 1 raw potato should be chopped (for example, grated), and only the top layer of the root crop should be taken. From the resulting mass, make a compress, which is applied to the site of the lesion, covered with polyethylene on top and fixed on the body. Compress with potatoes is done at night for 3-4 weeks.
Calendula flowers, rose hips

Apply pre-crushed rosehip or calendula flowers to neoplasms, which are then fixed with an adhesive plaster.

Removal with aromatic oils

To remove warts, you can use aromatic oils that are applied to a tampon and fixed on the skin at the site of the lesion. These compresses are usually recommended to be worn throughout the day and removed at night. For the treatment of children, aromatic oil is diluted with vegetable oil in a 1: 1 ratio.

Thuja oil can be dripped onto a skin defect 2 times a day. For the whole day, tea tree oil, eucalyptus, thyme oil can be applied to the wart. Invigorating aromatic oils are not recommended for use in the evening to avoid disturbing sleep.

Other ways to remove warts at home

There are other available means of removing warts, and although they cannot quickly get rid of skin growths with their help, they may be effective for small lesions.

Means Mode of application
Plain (school) chalk

Grind the chalk, attach to the neoplasm, cover with a woolen cloth and fix. The procedure is recommended to be carried out at home regularly for several weeks.


1. Lubricate the build-up with an alcoholic solution of iodine every day, 2-3 times a day. The neoplasm should dry out, after which it disappears.

2. Lubricate the formation with iodine and stick a piece of adhesive plaster on it, which should be done within 1 week. If the patch comes off, you need to glue a new one. After 7 days, remove the adhesive plaster, steam out the affected area and clean.

Ice The ice cube is wrapped in a clean cloth and applied to the affected area.

General recommendations

In order to reduce the risk of recurrence of the removed neoplasm, measures are needed to strengthen the immune system:

  1. Complete balanced nutrition.
  2. Normalization of body weight (often warts occur at the site of friction of skin folds).
  3. Normalization of the regime of work and rest.
  4. Refusal of hypodynamia.
  5. Rejection of bad habits.
Celandine is one of the most popular folk remedies for removing skin lesions
Celandine is one of the most popular folk remedies for removing skin lesions

Celandine is one of the most popular folk remedies for removing skin lesions.

General information about the disease

Warts have a viral etiology, they occur when infected with one or more strains of the human papillomavirus. The virus may not manifest itself for a long time, neoplasms appear when immunity decreases.

Risk factors include:

  • non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene;
  • injury to the skin (cracks, scratches, cuts);
  • increased sweating, prolonged stay in places with high humidity;
  • metabolic disorders;
  • stress;
  • sleep disorders;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • bad habits.

Neoplasms can develop on various parts of the body.

Warts are divided into several groups, which are presented in the table.

Types of warts Explanation
Ordinary (vulgar)

Often localized on the forehead, chin, scalp, arms, and feet, they are round, painless growths with an uneven rough surface.

Flat (youth, juvenile) Most often appear in young patients on the palms, neck, face, have the appearance of nodules of a flesh or yellowish color.
Acrochords (filamentous papillomas) Elongated neoplasms (5–10 mm long) that can occur on the lips, eyelids, chin, and around the mouth.
Genital warts Small, flesh-colored growths that usually appear in clusters on the genitals and in the perianal region

Another type is senile keratomas. They are not associated with a viral infection, appear throughout the human body, visually resemble moles, and may be brown or brown in color.

It is recommended to seek medical attention in the following cases:

  • if the neoplasm has appeared on the face and / or genitals;
  • if the formation has increased in size, it has become painful, bleeds;
  • if the skin growth is located in a place where it is often injured;
  • if the patient has diabetes mellitus or other diseases associated with impaired capillary circulation (you should not try to remove the neoplasms yourself).


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