Marsh Mytnik - Useful Properties, Application, Composition

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Marsh Mytnik - Useful Properties, Application, Composition
Marsh Mytnik - Useful Properties, Application, Composition

Video: Marsh Mytnik - Useful Properties, Application, Composition

Video: Marsh Mytnik - Useful Properties, Application, Composition
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Marsh mytnik
Marsh mytnik

The plant mytnik belongs to the Norichkov family, grows in Europe, Siberia, North America, Mongolia.

The most famous of all mytniks is the marsh mytnik, it is most often used for medicinal purposes and is also called lousy grass, lice grass, nit grass, lice, Ivan grass, snake grass, stone grass, herringbone, feverish grass.

It is a biennial plant with a reddish stem reaching 30-60 cm in height. Flowers in the marsh mytnik appear in June-July, at this time it is necessary to harvest leaves and stems for use in the future for treatment.

The herb is dried in a room with good ventilation or at 40-50 degrees in a dryer. Store dry medicinal raw materials in well-closed boxes (or other containers), in a dry place.

Useful properties of the marsh mytnik

It is noticed that, despite its toxicity - poisonous glycosides are found in the roots and leaves of the plant, the bog mytnik has a diuretic, antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, hemostatic, detoxifying effect.

Mytnik tincture can be used in case of meat poisoning - it absorbs and removes poisons. To prepare the tincture, you need one teaspoon of crushed stems, pour 250 ml of boiling water over the leaves of mytnik, leave for an hour, strain. Take 3-4 r / day tincture on a tablespoon.

To stop uterine bleeding or with heavy menstrual bleeding, two tablespoons of tea herbs are poured in 250 ml of boiling water, kept for four hours and filtered. Drink a tincture of 5-10 drops 3r / day.

For the treatment of diarrhea, such a tincture is prepared: take 4 tablespoons of dry herb of mytnik marsh, pour a liter of boiling water, insist for 2-3 hours, filter. They also drink the tincture 3-4 r / day on a tablespoon spoon.

This decoction well eliminates migraines and the usual headache: 2 tablespoons of dry herbs are poured with two liters of water, boiled over low heat until a liter of liquid remains. After that, the broth is chilled, filtered and drunk in a glass three r / day.

It is possible to apply infusions and decoctions of mytnik marsh externally: it helps to remove dandruff and lice.

To prepare the infusion, take 4 tablespoons of table herbs of the mytnik, pour in a liter of boiling water, stand for 2-3 hours, filter.

For the treatment of dandruff, this infusion is rubbed into the scalp, rinsed with it after washing the hair, until the scalp is cleansed of the fungus.

If you need to remove the lice, the hair roots are moistened with the infusion, the head is wrapped with cloth and cellophane, and left for an hour. After this, dead insects need to be combed out of the hair and washed with regular shampoo.

The use of other types of mytnik in medicine

In addition to the marsh mytnik, the spiky mytnik is also known, growing in the Amur and Primorye regions. In medicine, its flowers are used as a diuretic.

Mytnik grows beautiful in Primorye, its western regions. To relieve fever, treat neurasthenia, plant flowers are also used.

Mytnik Eder
Mytnik Eder

The whorled mytnik growing in the Amur region, Primorye, Kamchatka, the Okhotsk coast, the Northern Kuril Islands is used for pulmonary tuberculosis, pneumonia, nephritis and as a means of stopping bleeding.

For the treatment of neurasthenia and to relieve fever, the striped mytnik is used, which grows near the Middle and Upper Amur.

A good remedy for diarrhea is the inverted mytnik, which is harvested on the Okhotsk coast, in Primorye, Kamchatka, Amur, Kuril Islands, Sakhalin.


It is not recommended to use decoctions and tinctures from the mytnik inside on your own, due to the fact that the plant is poisonous.

Pregnant women should not take medications from the mytnik - it causes contractions of the uterus and increases its tone.

Information about the drug is generalized, provided for informational purposes only and does not replace the official instructions. Self-medication is hazardous to health!

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