Macmiror Complex - Reviews, Instructions, Application

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Macmiror Complex - Reviews, Instructions, Application
Macmiror Complex - Reviews, Instructions, Application

Video: Macmiror Complex - Reviews, Instructions, Application

Video: Macmiror Complex - Reviews, Instructions, Application
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Macmiror complex

Instructions for use:

  1. 1. Pharmacological action
  2. 2. Release form
  3. 3. Indications for use
  1. 4. Instructions for use
  2. 5. Side effects
  3. 6. Contraindications to use

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Macmiror candle complex
Macmiror candle complex

Macmiror complex is an antimicrobial drug.

pharmachologic effect

Macmiror complex is indicated for local use, has an antibacterial, antifungal, antiprotozoal effect (affects protozoa - toxoplasma, trypanosomes, pneumocysts, lamblia, amoeba, Trichomonas, leishmania).

The active substances of the complex are nifuratel (a nitrofuran derivative), which is active against fungi, protozoa, bacteria, and nystatin is an antibiotic with antifungal action, especially effective against Candida albicans.

The combination of nystatin and nifuratel allows achieving a significant antifungal effect, expanding the spectrum of antimicrobial action.

Judging by the McMiror reviews, the complex does not provoke dysbiosis, it quickly restores the normal vaginal flora.

Release form

Produce vaginal cream, McMiror complex suppositories.

Indications for use

According to the McMiror instructions, the complex is prescribed for the treatment of vaginal infections provoked by microorganisms sensitive to the drug: vaginal candidiasis, urogenital trichomoniasis, bacterial infections developing in the urogenital area.

Good reviews about Macmiror complex used in the local treatment of chlamydial infections.

Instructions for the use of McMirora

Suppositories Makmiror complex is used for treatment for 8 days. - one candle is injected every day.

The duration of treatment can be adjusted by the attending physician. To improve efficiency, the candle is inserted into the upper vagina.

Macmiror complex cream
Macmiror complex cream

Macmiror complex cream is injected using a special applicator, one or two p / day in an amount of 2.5 g - in the evening or in the morning (to use the cream, the applicator is wound onto a tube, the cream is squeezed into it, focusing on the scale applied to it). The applicator is disconnected from the tube, inserted into the vagina, and then, pressing on the rod, the cream is squeezed inside. Therapy also lasts an average of 8 days. Only a doctor can adjust the cream treatment regimen. The special design of the applicator allows you to inject the cream without the risk of damaging the hymen. To do this, before the introduction of Macmiror complex cream, it is necessary to remove the cannula from the rod and put it on the syringe from the opposite side.

To prevent recurrence of the disease, it is recommended to treat the sexual partner. It is also necessary to avoid sexual intercourse during treatment.

Side effects

The Macmiror complex is usually tolerated well, only in rare cases do allergic manifestations occur in the form of a rash, itching on the skin.

Contraindications to the use of Makmirora

According to the instructions of McMiror, the complex is contraindicated in case of individual intolerance.

During pregnancy, lactation, it is not recommended to use the complex - only in special cases and with caution.

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Information about the drug is generalized, provided for informational purposes only and does not replace the official instructions. Self-medication is hazardous to health!

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