Early Detection Of Breast Cancer - Guaranteed Cure

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Early Detection Of Breast Cancer - Guaranteed Cure
Early Detection Of Breast Cancer - Guaranteed Cure

Early detection of breast cancer - guaranteed cure

According to statistics from oncologists, 12.5% of women worldwide are diagnosed with breast cancer. The disease came out on top in terms of prevalence among all oncological pathologies in women 35-50 years old.

Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The exact causes of cell malignancy are still the subject of scientific research and discussion. But doctors point to the likely factors for the development of breast cancer:

  • mutations in genes BRCA1, BRCA2,
  • hormonal imbalance
  • a number of benign neoplasms that, under certain conditions, can degenerate into cancer,
  • chest injury
  • exposure to radiation,
  • cancer of the uterus, ovaries.

Detection of a tumor in the early stages allows cancer to be completely cured while preserving the mammary glands. The First Medical Center in Tel Aviv pays special attention to the diagnosis of breast cancer. The clinic uses the most modern informative studies that determine with high accuracy the type, localization, stage of the tumor, its sensitivity to treatment. The oncology center uses the latest surgical and therapeutic techniques, drugs of the latest generation. Even with advanced breast (breast) cancer, treatment in Israel gives a real chance for long-term remission and improvement in the quality of life of patients.

Breast cancer symptoms

The first bells to look out for and be screened to rule out breast cancer are:

  • asymmetry of the mammary glands,
  • change in breast shape, swelling,
  • change in the outline of the areola,
  • retraction of the nipple,
  • the appearance of a seal,
  • redness, peeling, ulceration of the skin over the tumor,
  • skin in the form of "orange peel",
  • enlarged lymph nodes in the armpit, neck,
  • increased sensitivity and soreness of the chest,
  • discharge from the nipple.


In Israel, patients receive a personalized diagnostic program. In this case, the examination is mandatory, since there are often cases of women with erroneous diagnoses, incorrectly established types of tumors. After a physical examination and consultation of a qualified mammologist, depending on the expected stage of the disease, the following may be prescribed:

  • mammography,
  • PET-CT (the newest way to detect cancer cells in the body),
  • Ultrasound,
  • ductography,
  • tumor biopsy,
  • blood tests,
  • genetic tests for BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations,
  • Oncotype DX tests, MammaPrint, HER2 / neu gene assays for optimal treatment and relapse risk determination.

Tradition and innovation in breast cancer treatment

In 95% of cases of malignant breast tumors, Israeli oncologists manage to achieve long-term remission of the disease, early cancer is completely cured. Treatment at the First Medical Center in Tel Aviv is carried out according to international protocols, which include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, hormone therapy, and innovative methods.

Surgical intervention to remove the tumor is performed with sparing methods with the preservation of the organ. A woman can leave the clinic in 1-2 days and visit a doctor for a control examination and undergoing medical procedures. Radical mastectomy, in contrast to the countries of the former CIS, is performed in the rarest cases with extensive cancer, when removal is vital. If desired, patients can undergo breast reconstruction surgery.

The first medical center in Tel Aviv is one of the few in the world that practices breast cancer treatment with innovative methods: monoclonal antibodies, targeted drugs, biotherapy. The active ingredients of drugs are able to recognize malignant cells, destroy or label them for the immune system, and stimulate the body to fight the disease. Already, the results of such treatment can improve the prognosis for advanced cancer by 40%.

You can sign up for a consultation with a clinic doctor directly on the website - telaviv-clinic.ru.

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