How To Relieve Shoulder Pain

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How To Relieve Shoulder Pain
How To Relieve Shoulder Pain

How to relieve shoulder pain

Acute pain in the shoulder joint - treatment with folk remedies
Acute pain in the shoulder joint - treatment with folk remedies

As you know, the shoulder is constantly exposed to all kinds of stress, and any discomfort in its area can seriously affect a person's ability to work and activity. Therefore, pain in the shoulder joint, which is a very common complaint at a doctor's appointment, cannot be ignored under any circumstances. After all, often postponing the examination until later can lead to the fact that any movement of the hand will cause acute pain.

Causes of pain in the shoulder joint

You should be aware that pain in the shoulder joint is not always a problem in this area. Very often it is reflected and indicates the presence of a completely different disease.

Let's take a look at the most common causes of shoulder pain:

  • Tendinitis
  • Biceps tendinitis;
  • Bursitis;
  • Collision syndrome;
  • Joint injury;
  • Diseases of the internal organs;
  • Shoulder-scapular periarthrosis.

Tendonitis is the most common cause of shoulder pain. With this disease, the tendons that surround the joint become inflamed. Most often, such a diagnosis threatens those who regularly expose themselves to excessive physical exertion, during which tendons rub against the bone, which provokes pain and irritation.

Pain in the shoulder joint is also troubling with biceps tendinitis. It is chronic and worsens even with minor movements. When a tendon ruptures, a ball-like swelling forms on the shoulder.

Bursitis can also be triggered by excessive physical exertion. However, in addition to pain in the shoulder joint, this disease is characterized by the appearance of edema in the area of the so-called articular bag (soft sac that surrounds the joint).

Impact syndrome is commonly referred to as a disorder in which calcium deposits form in the tendon under the scapula and collarbone. This disease is characterized by sudden severe pain in the shoulder joint. It usually worsens when you raise your hand.

Injuries are a very common cause of shoulder pain. In young people, if accidents are excluded, they are usually the result of too active sports or some kind of struggle. In adults, shoulder injuries are associated with osteoporosis or tissue wear. This is due to the fact that in adulthood, a disorder of calcium metabolism in bones is often observed.

Often, pain in the shoulder joint is a sign of diseases of the internal organs. The most common of them can be distinguished:

  • Cervical radiculitis;
  • Tumors of the chest organs;
  • Myocardial infarction;
  • Liver pathology;
  • Angina pectoris;
  • Pneumonia.

Pain in the shoulder joint is a characteristic symptom of a disease such as periarthrosis of the shoulder scapula. In this case, it can be aching, burning or sharp, often painful sensations are exacerbated by the night. Additional symptoms are pain in the forearm and hand. This disease can last from several weeks to months. It should be noted that sometimes complete recovery of the patient is observed, and sometimes complications lead to blockage of the shoulder or dysfunction of the hand.

Less common causes of shoulder pain include:

  • Arthrosis;
  • Arthritis;
  • The presence of herniated intervertebral discs of the thoracic and cervical spine;
  • Calcification of the forearm;
  • Tendon rupture;
  • Inflammatory diseases;
  • Impigment syndrome;
  • Neurogenic pathology and sensory disorders.

Shoulder pain treatment

Before starting treatment for shoulder pain, it is necessary to identify its real cause. To do this, you need to pass the necessary tests, undergo fluoroscopy and ultrasound and, only having received a diagnosis, start treatment.

So, for arthritis, arthrosis and bursitis, chondroprotectors and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are most often prescribed. If the disease has been neglected, analgesics and hormones are usually used to relieve shoulder pain. They are also used in the development of malignant tumors and are administered orally, intravenously and in the form of intra-articular injections.

Treatment of pain in the shoulder joint with deforming arthrosis often requires surgery. Usually, in this case, they resort to arthroplasty.

In case of injuries, bruises and rupture of ligaments, it is recommended to apply ice to the site of injury.

Pain in the shoulder joint is excellently relieved by yoga classes, in which the muscular mechanism of the body relaxes, which is very beneficial for the neck and shoulders. Anti-inflammatory ointments, compresses, magnetotherapy and electrophoresis help well.

Treatment of pain in the shoulder joint with folk remedies

When the shoulder joint hurts, folk remedies can often significantly ease or even eliminate the pain.

For this purpose, the following are usually used:

  • Baths;
  • Rubbing;
  • Ointments;
  • Tinctures and decoctions;
  • Compresses.

An excellent remedy for traditional medicine for pain in the shoulder joint is therapeutic baths.

For the preparation of a mustard bath, dry mustard (100-200 g) is taken, diluted with warm water to the consistency of sour cream and poured into a bath with hot water. This bath should be taken 20 minutes before bedtime. Then you need to wash yourself with warm water, put on warm clothes, woolen socks and go to bed under a thick blanket.

The pain in the shoulder joint is alleviated by a hay bath. For its preparation, 1 kg of dust is taken in a bucket of water, boiled in it for half an hour, infused for 50 minutes, filtered. The broth should be poured into a hot water bath. It is also recommended to dress warmly after the procedure. However, this remedy is contraindicated for people with heart or mental illness.

The main causes of pain in the shoulder joint
The main causes of pain in the shoulder joint

If the shoulder joint hurts, folk remedies also suggest rubbing, during which the sore spot receives an additional massage. 50 g of bird cherry bark is mixed with a glass of vodka and infused for 2 weeks. After that, the infusion is rubbed twice a day into the area of the sore joint.

You can also pour boiling water over 20 g of crushed roots of medicinal angelica, leave for 20 minutes, strain and rub the joints with the resulting broth several times a day.

For inflammatory processes that cause pain in the shoulder joint, the use of homemade ointments is especially effective. 40 g of chopped horseradish is mixed with petroleum jelly and rubbed around the sore joint. This ointment also helps very well: 50 g of pork fat is mixed with 3 g of propolis. The ointment according to this recipe not only eliminates pain, but also relieves inflammation.

Various tinctures and decoctions for oral administration are effective for pain in the shoulder joint. To prepare a medicinal broth, you need to pour 30 g of horsetail herb with a glass of boiling water and leave for half an hour, drink several glasses a day.

If the shoulder joint hurts, folk remedies also offer the use of various compresses. It is necessary to mix 1 tablespoon of honey, dry mustard and vegetable oil. Heat the resulting mixture, put on a linen cloth and apply to the sore spot for half an hour. The procedure must be repeated within 10 days.

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