Non-surgical Liposuction

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Non-surgical Liposuction
Non-surgical Liposuction

Video: Non-surgical Liposuction

Video: Non-surgical Liposuction
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Non-surgical liposuction

There is not even one woman or girl who does not dream of an ideal body. At the same time, almost each of us, to one degree or another, has such an annoying phenomenon as cellulite. The fight against cellulite can be crowned with success only in the case of a long systematic adherence to a number of dietary and lifestyle rules. An alternative to such a protracted siege could be liposuction, but this procedure is quite serious, expensive and has many contraindications. In recent years, non-surgical liposuction has increasingly come to the rescue of the beautiful half of humanity.

Liposuction without surgery: hardware techniques

Ultrasonic non-surgical liposuction includes a three-hour exposure to the membranes of fat cells with ultrasonic frequencies
Ultrasonic non-surgical liposuction includes a three-hour exposure to the membranes of fat cells with ultrasonic frequencies

Non-surgical liposuction can be performed in several ways:

  • Ultrasound;
  • Laser;
  • Radio frequencies;
  • With the help of medications.

Each non-surgical liposuction method is unique in the way it affects the fat cells and the end result.

Non-surgical ultrasonic liposuction consists of a three-hour exposure to ultrasonic frequencies on the membranes of fat cells. As a result, the fat layer in these places can decrease by 2 cm per session. Decay products are safely removed from the body in a natural way, kilograms of excess weight disappear, and the contours of the figure become noticeably more attractive.

Such liposuction without surgery is certified in forty countries of the world and is proven to be harmless. The procedure itself is painless and does not give complications, and also does not leave behind scars or hematomas.

Non-surgical laser liposuction also eliminates aggressive effects on blood vessels and tissues, and the heat of laser waves stimulates collagen production. This method is approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

According to reviews of non-surgical laser liposuction, fat cells are destroyed once and for all, the procedure itself is painless and has no contraindications, rehabilitation takes only an hour, and in the future, no special regimen is required. The course consists of one or more procedures.

In non-surgical radiofrequency liposuction, the action of radiofrequencies is directed deep into the adipocytes (fat cells) and literally melts them. At the same time, external skin tightening is performed, and both processes are automatically controlled, which eliminates any risks to the patient. The intervention is carried out under anesthesia, lasts about an hour and a half, and the visual effect is finally formed within 2-3 weeks - cellulite disappears and the skin becomes noticeably younger.

Medical non-surgical liposuction

Mesodissolution, a clinically proven method of non-surgical liposuction in the form of injections, was highly appreciated by professionals. The technique is based on the nature of female adipocytes, in particular on the fact that under the influence of female sex hormones, they can increase in volume up to 60 times.

In addition, a woman's belly and thighs have 2 times more receptors responsible for storing fat than receptors that break down fats. Low physical activity and regular overeating enhance these processes. The outflow of lymph, blood circulation and other metabolic processes in the subcutaneous fat layer slow down.

Against this background, cellulite is actively forming: the increased volume of adipocytes lifts the skin, their joints are denser and retracted, forming an "orange peel".

Obviously, it is almost impossible to get rid of cellulite with the help of diets and sports, since impaired microcirculation prevents active intercellular exchange, promotes the slow elimination of decay products, their accumulation and tissue intoxication. On the other hand, lactic acid, which is formed during exercise, retains water, thereby increasing swelling in problem areas.

Diets can also be a disservice when trying to get rid of cellulite on their own, since the body regards lack of nutrition as hunger and begins to store fat. Avoiding the listed disadvantages of independent methods will allow non-surgical liposuction - mesodissolution. It gives results similar to classical liposuction, and does not require anesthesia or surgery.

Mesodissolution does not pose any health risks and is also used for local correction of the double chin, décolleté and general weight loss. Especially when combined with exercise and proper nutrition, it gives convincing and lasting results.

Mesodissolution injections are injected into the deep subcutaneous layers. A drug cocktail is introduced into the fatty tissue, which has a low osmotic pressure due to the low content of salts in a relatively large amount of water. Under the influence of endogenous humoral pressure, the injected cocktail enters the fat cells and destroys them. Destroyed adipocytes with lymph flow enter the kidneys and are excreted in the urine.

A cocktail for this type of non-surgical liposuction consists of lipolytics - L-carnitine, organic silicon and deoxycholate, microelements and broad-spectrum local anesthetics (mesocaine or procaine): they prolong the effect of active substances by expanding the vascular bed. Even for a certain time after the procedure, cell trophism and local immunity remain elevated.

Often, caffeine is added to mesodissolution cocktails to prevent fat accumulation, as well as vitamin C to stimulate dermal collagen production and as an antioxidant. In order to stimulate the drainage effect, venotonic, green tea and artichoke extracts can be added to the solution.

One of the methods of non-surgical drug liposuction is mesodissolution
One of the methods of non-surgical drug liposuction is mesodissolution

There is no single universal recipe for this kind of non-surgical liposuction, and each time the composition of the solution for injection is selected individually, based on the characteristics of this particular patient - age, area of influence and stage of development of cellulite.

Injections are injected exclusively into the areas of fatty growths, and the entire course consists of 5-10 procedures, carried out no more than once a week. After the session, local reactions are observed, and the general condition may worsen somewhat. Such phenomena are a variant of the norm and do not require medication. As a rule, they pass quickly enough.

A necessary component of the mesodissolution is lymphatic drainage. Its purpose is to increase the rate of excretion of decay products and reduce edema. Popular lymphatic drainage measures are wraps, vacuum and traditional gentle massage, ultrasound in combination with topical medicinal solutions. Hard massage, despite its effectiveness, it is better not to apply, as under its influence the connective tissues are destroyed.

According to reviews of non-surgical liposuction, as a result of these measures, the flow of blood and lymph is normalized, the trophism of tissues and organs is improved. The size of the local fat is significantly reduced, and the elasticity and firmness of the skin increase.

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