How To Do Anti-cellulite Massage?

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How To Do Anti-cellulite Massage?
How To Do Anti-cellulite Massage?

Video: How To Do Anti-cellulite Massage?

Video: How To Do Anti-cellulite Massage?
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How to do anti-cellulite massage?

Perhaps every woman knows what cellulite is. And what methods of struggle were not used in the fight against him. These are diets, and special belts, and special creams.

How to do anti-cellulite massage - rules and method
How to do anti-cellulite massage - rules and method

However, the most proven and effective method is still anti-cellulite massage. But in order for it to bring results, you need to be able to do it right. In this article we will talk about how to do anti-cellulite massage.

Where does it come from?

As a rule, the thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and upper arms are the most favorite places for cellulite. As a result of disruption of the normal circulation of fluid, fatty deposits accumulate in these places, which subsequently interfere with the normal circulation of fluid in the tissues. It turns out to be such a vicious circle, which is very difficult to break.

Cellulite is not only a cosmetic defect, it also interferes with the full blood supply of cells. And this, in turn, prevents cells from being fully enriched with oxygen and other nutrients.

Kneading and rubbing problem areas of the body not only pleasantly warms up the muscles, but also enhances blood circulation, enriching the subcutaneous fatty tissue with oxygen and removing toxins from it.

Under the influence of massage, excess fat is gradually absorbed and excreted, cells revive, metabolism improves, and the skin becomes more taut and elastic.

Anti-cellulite massage oil

Experts recommend using anti-cellulite massage oils to enhance the effect, which perfectly help to get rid of cellulite accumulations. The oils penetrate deep into the pores of the skin and have a healing effect on the body. Thus, various combinations of oils not only effectively fight cellulite, but also invigorate and tone.

For those who do not know how to do anti-cellulite massage, it is necessary to develop a special anti-cellulite program, which includes not only the massage itself, but also physical exercises, body wraps and a complete balanced diet.

How to do anti-cellulite abdominal massage?

If your problem area is the abdomen and sides, then you need to master the technique of anti-cellulite abdominal massage. Do not massage the abdomen on a full stomach.

  • Before the massage, thoroughly rub the abdominal skin with a towel dipped in warm water. Then lubricate your belly with moisturizer and massage oil;
  • Stroke the skin first, preparing it for more intense techniques;
  • Begin to pinch the stomach vigorously, grabbing the skin with your fingers;
  • Move clockwise, then counterclockwise;
  • Massage by imagining that you are kneading dough;
  • Now make movements, clenching your hand into a fist and "kneading" the skin with your knuckles;
  • In the final step, do the stroking again.

In total, such an anti-cellulite abdominal massage will take you no more than 10-15 minutes.

How to do an anti-cellulite foot massage?

Anti-cellulite foot massage is very useful. It helps to smooth and tighten the skin, making it soft and silky. And of course, massage effectively removes cellulite and helps to strengthen the leg muscles.

  • Before the massage, you should lightly rub your legs. Then apply massage oil or cream;
  • Start intensively rubbing your feet;
  • The next step is squeezing the skin. You may feel mild pain, this is normal;
  • To enhance the effect, wrap your legs in a towel at the final stage of the massage.

An anti-cellulite foot massage will take you no more than 15 minutes.

How to do anti-cellulite thigh massage?

Intensive anti-cellulite massage of the thighs helps to normalize blood circulation, which speeds up metabolic processes in the subcutaneous layer, contributes to the disappearance of fat accumulations. And with the additional use of anti-cellulite oils for massage, the effect is enhanced.

When carrying out anti-cellulite massage of the thighs, the use of special hard gloves, anti-cellulite massagers and brushes will be very effective.

Massage sessions should be carried out regularly for 25-30 minutes.

  • Before starting the massage, it is recommended to take a contrast shower, paying special attention to the area of the buttocks and thighs;
  • Massage should begin with alternate stroking of the legs from the knee up;
  • Increase the pressure of the fingers a little, without stopping the stroking movements;
  • Grasp a piece of skin over the knee with both hands, and, fingering with your fingers, roll it to the very top of your leg. This technique must be carried out alternately from the back, outside and inside of the thigh;
  • Now knead the skin of the thigh with your hands on all sides, pretending that you are kneading the dough;

    Anti-cellulite massage for legs, thighs and buttocks
    Anti-cellulite massage for legs, thighs and buttocks
  • After the skin is well warmed up, you can rub massage oil into it and proceed to a more intense massage;
  • Using the tools at hand - brushes, massagers, special massage gloves, rub the skin in spiral movements, as if pulling it up. Do this intensive massage at least 5 times from all sides;
  • After finishing the massage, carefully pat your thighs with your hands, and then smooth the skin.
  • Before proceeding with the anti-cellulite massage of the buttocks, take a contrast shower, directing jets of cold and then hot water to the problem areas.
  • Make stroking movements on the buttocks, light at first and then stronger;
  • Take the skin with both hands and try to knead it, as you do with the dough;
  • Now apply a generous amount of oil or cream to the skin and rub in with vigorous movements;
  • With the knuckles of your clenched hands, massage from the bottom up. It will be enough 4-5 times;
  • Now, pat your buttocks with your palms, and then pat in all directions. By this time, the skin on the buttocks will turn red and "burn".

How to do an anti-cellulite massage of the buttocks?

Anti-cellulite massage of the buttocks should be carried out simultaneously with anti-cellulite massage of the thighs.

Now you know how to do anti-cellulite massage. In the end, it remains only to say that the main thing is your persistence and regularity of exercise.

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