Evminov's Exercises - Basic Principles, Advantages, Indications

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Evminov's Exercises - Basic Principles, Advantages, Indications
Evminov's Exercises - Basic Principles, Advantages, Indications

Video: Evminov's Exercises - Basic Principles, Advantages, Indications

Video: Evminov's Exercises - Basic Principles, Advantages, Indications
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Evminov's exercises

Features of exercises for the spine on the Evminov board
Features of exercises for the spine on the Evminov board

Diseases of the spine, regardless of their type and severity, always cause discomfort to a person and deprive him of the opportunity to be fully functional. In our time, certain dysfunctions of the supporting structure of the body are so common that a healthy spine has, unfortunately, become a rather rare phenomenon.

This fact is explained not only by the increased pace of life and increased stress, but also by the dismissive attitude of people to the state of their main bone skeleton - the spinal column. Many people pay attention to it only when back pain begins to limit freedom of movement and becomes constant.

Doctors note that almost every second adult has various problems of the spine. In an advanced stage, they can not only cause suffering, but also provoke the development of other diseases. A number of them are accompanied by a deterioration in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus, a decrease in hearing, vision, impaired coordination of movements and other very unpleasant health problems. To avoid such negative consequences allows Evminov's set of exercises, which is performed on a board-simulator of a special design.

What is the Evminov's exercise technique based on

The spine treatment method proposed by Professor Evminov was approved by the Ministry of Health and approved for use in medical institutions and gyms. You can also use it at home. This is a unique method, the essence of which is to train the deep vertebral muscles. Such training activates metabolic processes in the spinal column, thereby improving the functions of all its departments.

This happens with a gentle load on the spine and its moderate unloading, which appear due to the fact that Evminov's exercises are done on a special preventive board. This is an orthopedic trainer, the design of which allows it to be installed at different angles in relation to the floor. By choosing a certain position of the simulator, you can regulate the load on one or another group of back muscles, fixing the spinal column in the required position.

Exercises for the spine on the Evminov board have a small amplitude, which allows you to form a strong muscle corset without increased loads. The board is usually installed at an angle of 15º to the horizontal surface. To perform Evminov's exercises, the patient is placed on the board so that his body maintains a strict straight line. In this position, the body weight moderately presses on the spine from top to bottom, stretching it and pushing the gaps between the vertebrae. As a result, the tone of the spasmodic muscle tissues increases, the pinched nerve endings are released, the intervertebral discs are unloaded.

Evminov's exercises are performed using only the back muscles. The complex of exercises helps to improve blood circulation of the paravertebral (located near the spine) muscle block and increases the mobility of the spinal sections.

Features of the set of exercises for the spine on the Evminov board

Evminov's exercises - a method of treating the spine
Evminov's exercises - a method of treating the spine

The restoration of spinal functions using this method consists of three main stages:

  • Recovery stage. Its goal is to eliminate the exacerbation of the disease. At the recovery stage, the severity of pain and muscle spasms decreases, the way of feeding the discs located between the vertebrae changes, the deep spinal muscles are prepared for further redistribution of the load on the discs;
  • Firming stage. The goal of this stage of Evminov's exercises is to strengthen the muscles and ligaments that support the spine as much as possible. The degree of their strengthening should be such that in the future the spine could freely withstand normal daily loads;
  • Supporting stage. Its essence lies in the preventive maintenance of the functions of the spine in working order. In addition, the goal of this stage is to minimize the rate of aging processes in the spine and to minimize the wear of the intervertebral discs.

During an exacerbation of diseases, exercises for the spine on the Evminov board can be performed only under the supervision of a vertebrologist. Specialist control is also advisable when such a technique is used for prevention.

Initially, in order to avoid the appearance of pain, all Evminov's exercises should be done in a sparing mode. Particular care is required for those that are designed to train the cervical spine. They are performed slowly, smoothly, statically, without jerks and abrupt movements.

When practicing on Evminov's board, the exercises should be performed avoiding sharp bends of the body forward. Such inclinations are dangerous for the spine, as they can provoke displacement of the discs and stretching of muscle tissue. If even fairly simple exercises cause difficulties, you need to seek the advice of a specialist. He will develop an individual set of classes and select the appropriate type of exercise.

The practical use of Evminov's exercises

Such a technique can be useful only when it corresponds to the state of health of the spine. If it is within normal limits, and the spine is, in fact, healthy, you can perform exercises on Evminov's board on your own to prevent diseases. A specially developed set of such exercises is described in the instructions attached to the prophylactic agent upon purchase.

I must say that it is not recommended to start Evminov's set of exercises on the board without first consulting a doctor, since even an incorrectly chosen angle of inclination of the prophylactic agent can damage the spine. If the method of doing the exercises is chosen correctly, then the result of training according to this technique will be a significant improvement in the condition of the spinal column, and with it, general well-being. However, you should be aware that one approach should not last more than twenty minutes. As for the number of repetitions, it is determined individually.

With the help of Evminov's technique, it is possible not only to restore the structure of the intervertebral discs, normalizing their nutrition, but also to return the spine to full performance for a long time. A set of exercises on the prophylactic agent launches the spinal column self-healing process, which cannot be activated by other methods. As a result of the implementation of such a complex, a strong muscular corset develops, which ensures the stability of the spine and protects it from subsidence and deflection.

On Evminov's board, exercises train the spinal muscles in such a way that after a while they fill the space formed due to traction near the spine. As a result, new muscle groups take on part of its load, and the restoration of the spinal column is much faster. Thanks to this, the cause of the formation of pathology is eliminated, its further development is prevented, the functions of the spine are restored. This is a unique technique, the preventive and therapeutic benefits of which are beyond doubt.

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