The Tip Of The Tongue Hurts

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The Tip Of The Tongue Hurts
The Tip Of The Tongue Hurts

Video: The Tip Of The Tongue Hurts

Video: The Tip Of The Tongue Hurts
Video: What causes small red patches on tongue? - Dr. Sana Taher 2023, June

The tip of the tongue hurts

Why does the tip of the tongue hurt?
Why does the tip of the tongue hurt?

Any experienced doctor will agree that the state of a person's language directly depends on his general health. Often, with the help of the tongue, the doctor can more accurately determine a particular disease. Therefore, if the tip of your tongue hurts, you should think about what contributed to this. Maybe this indicates some kind of malfunction in the work of your body?

The tip of the tongue hurts - reasons

So, if you suddenly noticed that the tip of your tongue hurts, the reasons for this may be the following:

  • tongue trauma (crack, burn or banal pimple);
  • excessive smoking;
  • allergic reaction;
  • sore of viral origin;
  • glossitis - inflammation of the tissues of the tongue;
  • glossalgia - pain in the tongue;
  • anemia caused by a lack of vitamin B12 or iron;
  • side effect after taking the drug;
  • other factors, such as problems with the intestines, brain, heart.

In most cases, the tip of the tongue hurts due to injury. Other factors include the following:

  • Biting the tongue while eating, which is usually associated with either an improper bite or excessive haste.
  • Eating sweet, sour, or spicy foods. So, for example, the habit of constantly sucking lollipops negatively affects the mucous membrane of the tongue. Therefore, in order for the tip of the tongue to stop hurting, it is often enough to exclude specific foods from the diet.
  • Injury

    Why does the tip of the tongue hurt - determining the cause
    Why does the tip of the tongue hurt - determining the cause

    due to installed dentures or crowns. The body needs a certain time to adapt to a foreign object. The oral cavity is also no exception. It usually takes very little time to adapt. But it happens that the dentist has incorrectly installed the prosthesis. Then you will have to go to the doctor again so that he correctly fits the braces on the jaw.

  • Inflammation. Stomatitis, various inflammatory processes and ulcers often develop against the background of a weakened immune system. And they can even be provoked by an excessively hot drink, a bitten tongue or excessive nervous tension. So, for example, a baby with stomatitis often sticks out the tip of the tongue, which indicates a problem.
  • Glossitis always begins with a burning sensation in the tip of the tongue. Over time, if untreated, the pain from the tip spreads to the entire tongue, gum and mouth.

The tip of the tongue hurts - treatment

Today, there is such an abundance of medical specialists that often patients simply do not know who to turn to for help. When the tip of the tongue hurts, treatment should always begin by identifying the cause. In this situation, it will not be superfluous to contact such specialists:

  • Dentist to help diagnose stomatitis, periodontitis, caries, or problems with a filling, denture or crown.
  • Otolaryngologist (ENT), especially if the pain in the tongue is accompanied by a sore throat, as well as if you suspect inflammation of the lymph nodes or any infectious disease.
  • An endocrinologist, who should be visited when the tongue grows in size without the presence of an inflammatory process. This may indicate a malfunction of the thyroid gland.
  • Therapist. If other specialists have not been able to determine why you have a sore tip of the tongue, an additional examination of the whole body should be carried out.

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