Chicory For Weight Loss - Reviews, Benefits, Recipes

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Chicory For Weight Loss - Reviews, Benefits, Recipes
Chicory For Weight Loss - Reviews, Benefits, Recipes

Video: Chicory For Weight Loss - Reviews, Benefits, Recipes

Video: Chicory For Weight Loss - Reviews, Benefits, Recipes
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Chicory for weight loss

Strengthening metabolism - the benefits of chicory for weight loss
Strengthening metabolism - the benefits of chicory for weight loss

Chicory for weight loss is used as a dietary supplement to the diet due to the content of inulin polysaccharide and intibin glycoside in dietary fiber. Inulin in large quantities contributes to a more rapid onset of feelings of fullness. The bitterness characteristic of intibin suppresses the taste buds on the tongue, so that any food after drinking a cup of chicory will seem tasteless.

In official medicine, chicory for weight loss began to be used in the first half of the 20th century by Soviet nutritionists of the M. Pevzner school (a well-known developer of dietary techniques that are still used today). It can be assumed that chicory gained its popularity in the USSR at that time on ideological grounds, as a proletarian drink, as opposed to bourgeois coffee. Although in Europe, chicory has been known as a coffee substitute since the 16th century.

Chicory is especially indispensable for weight loss in the presence of hypertension, ischemia and diseases of the nervous system, when coffee is categorically contraindicated. Caffeine-free and non-nervous, the chicory drink tastes like coffee and is an excellent coffee substitute for the above conditions. Chicory does not affect blood pressure, thermogenesis or metabolism.

The benefits of chicory for weight loss

The use of chicory for weight loss also lies in its additional healing qualities. Both traditional and official medicine widely use the following properties and actions of chicory:

  • Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory;
  • Soothing;
  • Diuretic and choleretic;
  • Stimulating increased metabolism;
  • Accelerating removal of cholesterol, radioactive substances and slags;
  • Antipyretic and vasodilator.

Best of all, the medicinal properties of chicory are manifested when it is used in the case of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and liver. The use of chicory significantly reduces sweating, helps with heart disease, diathesis and eczema of various etiologies.

An interesting fact - chicory flowers stimulate the appetite, and this does not contradict the concept of using chicory for weight loss. According to reviews, due to the accelerated arrival of a sense of satiety when eating chicory root and leaves, the amount of food consumed is significantly reduced.

Chicory for weight loss, recipes

Soups and salads - main dishes with chicory for weight loss
Soups and salads - main dishes with chicory for weight loss

Chicory is widely used in the diet thanks to the industry that produces many special drinks based on this useful plant, such as tea, "cappuccino" from chicory powder, and other instant drinks. In many countries, chicory is grown on farmland and its leaves can be purchased at any market and supermarket in the green areas.

Special diets have been developed that use chicory dishes for weight loss. The recipes for these dishes are quite simple, mainly soups, salads, drinks.

Several simple recipes for cooking dishes with chicory for weight loss:

  • Low-calorie chicory soup - leafy chicory salad (150 g), white table wine (0.5 tbsp.), Fresh mushrooms (150 g), celery root (100 g), boiled brown rice (100 g), medium sized Bulgarian pepper (1 pc.), Soy sauce or low-fat yogurt. Chicory is stewed in wine for 10 minutes, then mushrooms, celery, rice and pepper are added. Add about 3 liters of water, cook over low heat until tender. Yogurt or soy sauce is added to the plate;
  • Chicory salad - green apple (1 pc.), Chicory leaves (100 g), root celery or daikon (200 g). The root vegetable and apple are rubbed on a coarse grater, the chicory is finely chopped, mixed, seasoned with a tablespoon of a mixture of olive oil with lemon juice or white wine vinegar 1: 1;
  • Chicory root drink - dry chicory root (150 g), water (0.5 L). Finely chopped root is filled with water and cooked for 20 minutes. The broth is taken in 100-150 g before meals for 25-30 minutes.

Chicory for weight loss, according to reviews, is good to add to salads or eat raw. It is also prepared by subjecting it to heat treatment. Chicory can be stewed (in broth, white wine or olive oil), baked, steamed. Salad chicory goes well with garlic, onion, thyme. It is usually served with seafood, lean fish or citrus fruits. Chicory dishes are good for fasting menus or as a diet dinner.

Chicory for weight loss can be used without special restrictions, with the exception of individual intolerance. You can buy chicory not only in pharmacies, but also in stores.

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