Relaxation As An Effective Method Of Dealing With Stress

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Relaxation As An Effective Method Of Dealing With Stress
Relaxation As An Effective Method Of Dealing With Stress

Video: Relaxation As An Effective Method Of Dealing With Stress

Video: Relaxation As An Effective Method Of Dealing With Stress
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Relaxation as an effective method of dealing with stress

Anxiety can cause stress
Anxiety can cause stress

Each person is subject to experiences and tensions throughout the day. As a consequence, stress arises. Usually, a person does not know how or simply does not want to deal with stress on his own.

Literally translated from English, stress means "stress." Naturally, it would be logical to assume that in order to get rid of stress, you just need to relax.

Let's try to understand what happens to the body during stress. Under normal conditions, under the influence of stress, a person begins to experience a state of anxiety and confusion, which, in turn, is an impetus for defensive or offensive actions. It turns out that the human body in a state of stress is always in full "combat" readiness, that is, in constant tension. The heart begins to beat faster, the muscles in the body tighten, and the blood pressure rises. Regardless of how serious the danger is (physical violence, threat to life, or just deception or verbal abuse), the person begins to feel anxiety, and the response to it is the willingness to resist.

There are many methods for dealing with stress. Each person chooses the most appropriate for him.

Impulsive and hot-tempered natures instinctively get rid of stress - they "explode" (break a pencil or throw a book against the wall, bang their fists on the table). Moreover, if you accompany this with a loud cry, then a significant relief comes. Yes, you do not need to keep everything to yourself, because a burst of physical activity is the most physiological and natural way to get rid of stress. Just so that people do not look sideways at you with fear, it is worth explaining to them that this is how you deal with stress.

Some people, by virtue of their character or situation, are not capable of such violent actions. Therefore, they have to look for other, equally effective methods of dealing with stress. In this case, relaxation can come to the rescue.

Relaxation is a technique that allows you to partially or completely relieve yourself of mental or physical stress. The relaxation method is easy to learn and does not require any special knowledge. An indispensable condition, as in any other business, is motivation. A person should know why he wants to learn relaxation.

Relaxation exercises must be carefully mastered and memorized in order to easily resort to their help at a critical moment. It is important to do relaxation exercises regularly in order to develop a habit of them. This requires patience and perseverance.

Most people are already so used to living in a state of constant stress, constantly experiencing mental and muscle tension, that they do not even realize how harmful it is to health. And having learned the relaxation method, they will not only be able to get rid of tension, but will learn to regulate and suspend it, manage their emotions and relax as they wish.

Relaxation exercises

It is advisable to perform relaxation exercises in a separate room. The purpose of the exercises is to completely relax the muscles, due to which there is a positive effect on the psyche and restores mental balance. In addition, mental autorelaxation can cause a state of "ideological emptiness", when there is a momentary violation of mental and mental connections with the outside world, as a result of which the brain gets a much-needed respite.

So, first you need to take the starting position: lying on your back, legs slightly apart, toes turned outward, hands lying along the body, palms up. The whole body is relaxed, breathing is through the nose, the eyes are closed.

Lie in this position for a couple of minutes with your eyes closed. Imagine the room in which you are now. Try to mentally walk the perimeter of the room. And then look at your body from above - from head to toes and back.

Relaxation is an effective way to deal with stress
Relaxation is an effective way to deal with stress

Watch your breath, breathe through your nose. Note to yourself that the air you breathe in is cooler than the air you breathe out. Concentrate on your breathing, try not to think about anything else.

Take a deep breath. Hold your breath for a moment, strain all the muscles of your body at this moment. Exhale and relax your muscles. Repeat this exercise three times. Then lie still for a few minutes, relax and feel the heaviness of your body. Now do the same exercise, just tense and relax certain parts of your body.

Lie quietly again, feel the peace and regularity of being. Thoughts smoothly flow in your brain one after another, but you do not focus on any one. The same is true for the sounds around you.

Repeat the exercises for different parts of the body alternately: for the muscles of the thighs and legs, for the gluteus muscles, chest muscles, abdominals, muscles of the arms and face. Finally, feel if there is any tension left in even the smallest part of your body. If you find it, try to take it off, the relaxation should be complete.

After complete relaxation, lie on your back for a long time - the state is calm, relaxed, breathing is even. You believe in yourself again, you are able to cope with all the problems, you feel renewed and calm. Your body is filled with strength and energy.

Over time, once these exercises become a habit, you can do them anytime, anywhere.

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