Developmental Disorders In Children

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Developmental Disorders In Children
Developmental Disorders In Children

Video: Developmental Disorders In Children

Video: Developmental Disorders In Children
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Developmental disorders in children

Causes of physical development disorders in children
Causes of physical development disorders in children

Before talking about the main causes of developmental disorders in children, it is important to understand the key concepts associated with this, unfortunately, a common problem these days. Developmental disorders in medicine are understood as any deviations from the norm that may occur both in infancy and in the process of growing up.

With the normal development of a child, the biological and mental functions of his body at various stages of growing up correspond to the standards provided by specialists. The child grows up without delay in development, both on a physical and psycho-emotional level. This means that the baby begins to walk, talk on time, and also quickly learn to write, read, and master all the primary skills necessary for further independent life.

There are enough reasons for the developmental disorder of the organism. Studies have shown that boys are more susceptible to developmental disabilities than girls. However, with the right approach, over time, the child begins to develop as it should. In order to avoid more serious consequences if they suspect a child's physical development disorders, parents should immediately consult a doctor.

What you need to know about impaired physical development in children

Modern pediatricians distinguish two main types of developmental disorders in children - comprehensive and specific. If a child is developmentally lagging behind in most basic medical conditions, then he or she has a comprehensive disorder. Autism is an example of such a developmental disorder. If there is a deviation from any one specific medical indicator, the child suffers from a specific disorder.

Dyslexia is an example of the specific development of a child. With this disease, the child's ability to master the reading skill is impaired. In dyslexia, there is a general learning ability in children. However, the child learns to read with great difficulty. It is noteworthy that, both in the case of dilexia and autism, one and the same reason for the developmental disorder in children can be noted.

A disturbance in the work of the brain can also lead to a violation of physical development. However, one should not discount genetic diseases, as well as heredity. The causes of disorders in the development of the body in children can be injuries, as well as serious illnesses.

It is not in vain that doctors pay such close attention to the health of women during pregnancy. It is during the period of fetal formation that irreparable harm to the health of the unborn baby can be caused. So, the hormonal background of the mother affects the normal development of the child. Modern medicine helps in the early stages to identify disorders of physical development in children.

Experts identify another weighty reason for the occurrence of disorders in the development of the child's body - the ecological environment in which the child is born and lives. In addition, the qualitative composition of the products they consume affects the violation of physical development in children. The richer and more varied the baby's diet, the more he eats foods rich in vitamins and useful compounds, the less likely he is to face the problem of impaired physical development. Deviations in the physical development of a child can be determined by body weight and height. If a child grows too quickly, he can be sick with gigantism, children who are low for their age suffer from nanism. Cerebral palsy refers to severe violations of the physical development of the child's body.

The deviation from the normal body weight of the child by 10% in the smaller (hypotrophy) or larger (paratrophy) side, experts also rank as deviations in physical development. Head circumference is considered an important parameter for assessing the physical development of a child. Pediatricians pay special attention to the development of the child's chest.

Impaired motor development

Developmental disabilities: how to help a child?
Developmental disabilities: how to help a child?

Often, experts call excessive childish clumsiness “motor awkwardness”. This name hides a rather serious problem - a violation of the child's motor development. Parents often look forward to the happy moment when their baby takes the first steps. Children begin to sit at about the same age, which cannot be said about the first steps.

The human body is a unique mechanism in which many details are foreseen by nature. Your baby will not start walking until his body is ready for it. It is in the unwillingness of the baby's body to master the vertical position in this case is the main problem. Symptoms of impaired motor development can be considered just the fact that the child learned to walk late. If the baby often falls down while walking and moves around awkwardly, constantly drops toys, as if he cannot hold them in his hands, most likely he has a motor disorder.

Motor development disorders can also be observed in children who not only walk awkwardly, but also dress awkwardly and slowly. If motor skills are impaired, babies may not use cutlery correctly, and may be afraid to climb or descend stairs. In the vast majority of cases, children with motor developmental disorders behave restlessly, constantly break toys, and also get angry and even beat others.

Unfortunately, not all parents immediately notice violations in the child's motor or general physical development, as well as mental deviations. And in such cases, you need to act immediately and immediately contact a specialist. Without the help of professionals, you alone cannot help your child.

However, this does not mean that parents should withdraw themselves and place full responsibility on doctors. Only the care and support of parents, together with professional medical care, can help a child with physical or motor developmental disorders. Pay more attention to your child, play educational games, learn children's songs, counting rhymes and rhymes.

Wiping with a hard towel after a bath, massage, as well as sports activities helps a lot. Active games in the fresh air will not only raise your child's mood, but also help to cope with a serious problem playfully. Modern children's stores offer a wide range of toys that develop not only the mind, but also the body of the child.

Home children's sports complexes can be an excellent prophylactic and therapeutic agent in the fight against physical development disorders. In addition, it is useful to play sports, the more you need to accustom your child to physical activity from childhood. Parents should only really want and make every effort to give their baby a happy and healthy childhood.

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