Pain When Urinating In Women

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Pain When Urinating In Women
Pain When Urinating In Women

Video: Pain When Urinating In Women

Video: Pain When Urinating In Women
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Pain when urinating in women

Diseases causing pain after urination in women
Diseases causing pain after urination in women

Due to the structural features of the pelvic organs, women are more susceptible to infections of the genitourinary system than men, and therefore often experience pain at the beginning, during or at the end of emptying the bladder. With the help of our article, you can figure out why there is pain when urinating in women. But it should be remembered that any of the diagnoses described below does not allow self-medication and requires a doctor's consultation.

Pain before urination in women

Most diseases of the genitourinary system cause discomfort throughout the entire act of emptying the bladder. Severe pain before urination in women, as a rule, indicates two main diseases that differ in the localization of pain - cystitis and urethritis.

With cystitis, discomfort occurs in the lower abdomen before the act of urination, but since it also causes characteristic pain when the bladder is empty, it will be described in more detail below.

Urethritis is an inflammatory disease characterized by pain before urination and is as common in women as in men. Urethritis is acute and chronic, primary and secondary, and depending on the form, its manifestations are also different. Of the main symptoms, in addition to pain before urination, women have purulent discharge from the urethra, irrepressible urge to urinate, inflammation and adhesion of the edges of the external opening of the urethra. Analyzes in this case reveal a high concentration of leukocytes in the urine.

Urethritis are infectious and non-infectious, allergic, metabolic. In most cases, women still deal with infectious specific urethritis caused by STDs. The development of urethritis can contribute to urolithiasis, hypothermia, rare emptying of the bladder, physical activity, infectious diseases of other organs.

To confirm the diagnosis, microscopy of the discharge from the urethra and a urine sample are done. To exclude inflammation of adjacent organs, additional studies can be carried out.

Pain after urination in women

Pain after urination in women is one of the characteristic symptoms of cystitis. The above disease is an inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bladder, and it occurs in women 8 times more often than in men. The fact is that the urethra, through which the infection enters the bladder, in the fair sex is shorter and wider, so the causative agents of the disease easily move along it, causing inflammation.

In addition to pain after urination in women, what symptoms indicate cystitis? These include frequent urge to go to the toilet, although very little urine flows. In some cases, blood is released from the bladder, the temperature rises, pains in the lower abdomen occur, coinciding with the urge to urinate, and incontinence is possible.

To confirm the diagnosis, a study of urine, blood, as well as an ultrasound of the bladder is performed. In addition to pain after urination in women, cystitis has similar symptoms with urolithiasis and urethritis, so the examination is usually complex.

Treatment of cystitis involves a single dose of highly effective antibiotics, after which the drug is continued for 3-4 days to prevent complications. If the disease does not go away within 7 days, urine culture is performed to determine the resistance of the microflora and the antibiotic is changed.

Pain when urinating in women - common signs

Usually, with diseases of the genitourinary system, discomfort accompanies the entire act of emptying the bladder. And the most common reason for this phenomenon is sexually transmitted infections:

  • Chlamydia;
  • Gonococci;
  • Trichomonas;
  • Ureaplasma;
  • Candida.

Chlamydiae damage the genitals and ureters, causing mucous and purulent vaginal discharge with an unpleasant odor or yellowish tinge. Pain during urination in women is concentrated in several zones - in the area of the external and internal genital organs, as well as in the lower abdomen, they intensify before menstruation. In addition, the temperature may rise. For diagnostics, biological material is taken from the urethra or vagina and culture is done, venous blood is analyzed for antibodies or an immunofluorescence reaction. For treatment, an antibiotic is used in combination with immunomodulatory therapy.

Gonococci affect the mucous membranes of the genital tract and, in addition to severe pain during urination, in women and men, they cause the release of mucus and pus, a feeling of tickling, pain, burning in the terminal section of the urethral canal. Gonorrhea spreads to the bladder, ureters, lymph nodes and can lead to infertility. For diagnostics, smear bacterioscopy, culture is used. Treatment of a gonococcal infection requires a course of antibiotics.

Trichomoniasis causes the most common disease of the genitourinary tract - trichomoniasis. It, in turn, leads to rather unpleasant consequences - infertility, pregnancy pathologies, inflammation of the vulva and perineum, etc. In addition to pain when urinating in women, trichomoniasis is characterized by discharge from the urethra, itching, burning and fever in the external genital area, pain during sexual intercourse, bleeding of the vaginal mucosa. For diagnosis, as a rule, a microscopic examination of the smear is carried out. But in 2-10% of patients, a specific symptom of the disease occurs, which is noticeable during a visual examination of the vagina - a symptom of a strawberry neck (pinpoint hemorrhages on the mucous membrane).

Why is there pain before urination in women?
Why is there pain before urination in women?

Ureaplasmas provoke pain during urination in women, along with general malaise, pain in the lower abdomen and frequent urge to use the toilet. In this case, there may be a scanty transparent discharge from the vagina. The main defense against the disease is natural immunity created by the normal microflora of the body. When the balance is imbalanced, the microorganism progresses, causing ureaplasmosis. For diagnostics, culture, immunofluorescence analysis and polymerase chain reaction are used. And macrolide antibiotics act as a method of treatment.

Candida causes a disease known as thrush. And if the stronger sex is only a carrier, then the beautiful one experiences all the hardships of the disease. Pain during urination in women is combined with edema of the walls of the vagina and labia, profuse cheesy discharge. Discomfort during intercourse is possible.

In most of the cases described, the symptoms that have arisen once only intensify over time, and diseases from an acute form often turn into a chronic one, leading to unpleasant consequences. Pain during urination in women requires medical attention, and in some cases the accompaniment of both a gynecologist and a urologist is necessary. And if you find at least some of the symptoms described, do not delay a visit to the doctor.

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