What If The Weight Is Still?

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What If The Weight Is Still?
What If The Weight Is Still?

Video: What If The Weight Is Still?

Video: What If The Weight Is Still?
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What if the weight is still?

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  1. 1. Incorrectly calculated calorie content
  2. 2. The weight has risen after the decline and does not move further
  3. 3. There are endocrinological diseases
  4. 4. Too intense physical activity
  5. 5. Taking medications to promote weight gain
  6. 6. Insufficient duration of weight loss measures
  7. Reviews

There may be several reasons why it is not possible to reduce the weight to the desired value. Let's break them down.

1. Incorrectly calculated calorie content

Just going on a diet is not enough. Proper nutrition can also be high in calories, which will hinder weight loss. First of all, you need to determine the daily calorie intake depending on height and weight, and subtract 500-600 calories from this value. Here is the required calorie content for a calm and smooth weight loss. Everyone wants to lose weight quickly, but this can be harmful to health. It is believed that losing 4-5 kilograms per month is the most correct from a medical point of view. Yes, you will have to lose weight for a long time, but the result can be saved for several years, because the correct eating habits are formed. No special effective diets are required for this, it is enough to provide hypocaloric nutrition.

How to correctly calculate the calorie intake?
How to correctly calculate the calorie intake?

If it is difficult to compose the menu, you can install the Goldline mobile application on your phone, which, depending on gender, age, weight and height, using a more complex and accurate formula, will determine the necessary calorie content for weight loss and form a menu for it. Personal settings will help you adjust the menu to your personal taste preferences, but everything is within the established calorie content.

2. The weight has risen after the decline and does not move further

If you adhered to a diet for a long time and the weight decreased, and then stopped, even if you initially calculated the calorie content correctly, then the reason is different. The bottom line is that the basal metabolic rate and, as a consequence, the body's need for calories depends on body weight. If weight decreases, so does the need. And that proper nutrition, which in the beginning served to reduce weight, ceases to be hypocaloric, it already becomes normocaloric, and the weight does not go away. As an example, with a height of 170 cm and a weight of 80 kg, the calorie content for weight loss should be about 1500 kcal, and with a weight of 65 kg, it is already only 1350 kcal.

There are three ways to solve the weight loss plateau problem. The first is to constantly adjust the calorie intake. The second is to increase calorie expenditure by increasing physical activity. The third and most effective method is to gradually and gradually reduce calories and add a little physical activity.

3. There are endocrinological diseases

Some endocrinological diseases, such as hypothyroidism, Itsenko-Cushing's syndrome, type 2 diabetes mellitus, can cause weight gain, as a result, the development of obesity, and further prevent weight loss. Therefore, even if you stick to the right diet, the weight will stand still. In this case, you need to see a doctor and undergo a general examination. With the correct medical correction of the underlying disease, the kilograms themselves will begin to leave effectively and safely.

4. Too intense physical activity

If a complex of proper nutrition and physical activity is used for weight loss, with loads of medium and high intensity, then at first you will effectively lose weight, but gradually the pace will slow down, and the weight can get up completely. It may seem that the kilograms do not want to go away. The fact is that first, weight loss occurs due to the consumption of the fat depot, but at the same time muscle mass begins to increase, which, with the same weight as adipose tissue, has a much smaller volume. Therefore, your waist and hip circumference may continue to decrease, and your weight may remain in place. That is why athletes always weigh more than ordinary people - they have little fat and a lot of muscle tissue.

Choosing the right exercise for weight loss
Choosing the right exercise for weight loss

Do not confuse volumes and kilograms. If you really need to lose those extra pounds, and not lose weight to a certain size of clothing, then you need to reconsider your diet and consult with a fitness instructor. There should be less protein in the diet so that muscle mass does not build up, and the instructor will select exercises that will not promote muscle growth, but at the same time, a sufficient amount of calories will be spent on their implementation.

5. Taking medications to promote weight gain

Another possible reason why it may seem that the weight is stagnant is taking drugs that contribute to weight gain. First of all, these are sex hormones. If you, for example, take combined oral contraceptives, you may notice that the weight may even increase. What if you can't refuse to accept? Talk to your doctor, he will prescribe another drug for you. The fact is that different drugs have different compositions. And if one of them could cause weight gain, then the other may not have an effect on him.

If you are taking drugs for the treatment of any diseases, they cannot be canceled or replaced, then, perhaps, the solution to the problem will be taking drugs for weight loss. They do not cancel the basic measures - proper nutrition and physical activity, but they help speed up this process and make it more effective.

6. Insufficient duration of weight loss measures

There is a misconception that you can lose 10 kilograms or more in 2 weeks. If this result is not achieved, and weight loss is only 1 - 2 kilograms, then it seems that the weight is standing still. But it is precisely weight loss of 0.5 - 1 kg per week that is the most correct and safe. You can lose weight quickly only by losing fluid when using diuretics and laxatives, but not adipose tissue. In this case, the kilograms will go away, but the volume will not. After a while, the body will make up for the lack of fluid, and the weight will return. All scientifically based weight loss methods are based on the gradual burning of fat over a long period of time. This is the only way to safely lose weight and maintain the achieved result for a long time.

For a long process, you first need to deal with nutrition. The diet should be balanced and comfortable so that it can be followed for six months or more. It should contain a sufficient amount of dietary fiber for the proper functioning of the intestines, as well as vitamins and minerals so that the skin, hair and nails are not damaged.

Physical activity should be regular. Exercises should be done at least 30-40 minutes a day and at least 2 to 3 times a week. You should not immediately start with intense exercise if your physical fitness is weak. It is better to gradually increase the intensity and duration of the loads, as well as change their appearance, which will not allow the body to get used to it. It is worth doing different exercises on different days.

It also helps to speed up the metabolism and make the process of losing weight more efficient.

If, despite any methods, the weight stays in place, it may be worth trying to add medication. Usually, they are used to treat obesity, but they can be used for overweight patients if diet and physical activity have not brought the desired result. Sibutramine-containing formulations such as Goldline Plus work to speed up satiety as well as prolong it. As a result, the caloric content of food is reduced by 25%, and the amount of food consumed by 20%. The maximum effect when taking sibutramine develops after 3 months. However, doctors recommend taking Goldline Plus for six months or more, since during this time you can reduce weight by 10-15%, as well as form the right eating habits. According to reviews of those who took Goldline Plus for a long course, the result of losing weight lasts for several years. However, you should not rely only on the drug; after you stop taking it, you should still monitor your diet and do exercise.


  1. I decided to take Goldline Plus capsules after I realized why I could not lose weight on my own. I have an incredible appetite that cannot be controlled. The doctor recommended taking the drug with sibutramine and wrote a prescription for Goldline Plus. After 3 months of taking, I was able to lose weight by 12 kilograms, formed the habit of eating fractional and small portions. After the nutrition was adjusted, the weight dropped and has been standing still for half a year.
  2. I heard good reviews about Goldline Plus from my friends. Those who do not understand why weight is increasing should reconsider their approach to nutrition, daily regimen, and Goldline Plus capsules will help to develop healthy eating habits. Instead of fasting, it is better to drink a course that reduces appetite. My result is 15 kg in 4 months. I plan to take the capsules for another 2 months.

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