Reasons For Losing Weight: Why Am I Losing Weight Dramatically?

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Reasons For Losing Weight: Why Am I Losing Weight Dramatically?
Reasons For Losing Weight: Why Am I Losing Weight Dramatically?

Video: Reasons For Losing Weight: Why Am I Losing Weight Dramatically?

Video: Reasons For Losing Weight: Why Am I Losing Weight Dramatically?
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Weight loss reasons

Dramatic weight loss - causes and consequences
Dramatic weight loss - causes and consequences

Weight loss is usually a desirable process when you are overweight. Most often, weight loss occurs with increased physical activity or diet. However, after eliminating these causes, the weight quickly returns to normal. Therefore, unexpected dramatic weight loss, the reasons for which are unknown, is a cause for serious concern. In this case, you need to seek help from specialists.

Reasons for drastic weight loss

Losing weight dramatically is called wasting or cachexia. Most often, a decrease in body weight occurs as a result of inadequate or inadequate nutrition, impaired absorption of food, in the case of increased breakdown of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the body or increased energy consumption. In addition, sharp weight loss with good appetite and abundant nutrition is very often the cause of the disease. The following factors can lead to significant weight loss:

  • Limiting food intake. It occurs as a result of impaired consciousness in traumatic brain injuries, strokes or the presence of a tumor, narrowing of the larynx, esophagus, decreased appetite, anorexia nervosa or intoxication;
  • Indigestion. Occurs with atrophic gastritis, peptic ulcer, hepatitis, pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, enteritis, colitis. It is accompanied by problems with the absorption of nutrients and the digestion of proteins and fats;
  • Metabolic disorders. In this case, the predominance of destruction processes (catabolism) over synthesis processes occurs in the body. The causes are severe injuries, burns, malignant tumors, thyroid problems, and connective tissue diseases.

The most common cause of weight loss is emotional stress. Psychological trauma can cause severe weight loss, although the body can be healthy overall. Usually in this case, after a while, the weight returns to normal. Also, the loss of kilograms occurs in the presence of mental disorders as a result of a lack of appetite.

A common cause of dramatic weight loss, especially in children, is helminthic invasion. In this case, there is a decrease in appetite, diarrhea or constipation, signs of intoxication, general fatigue are observed. Usually, such diseases are caused by non-compliance with the rules of personal hygiene, the use of poorly washed vegetables and fruits.

The reasons for losing weight in many cases are, in addition to parasitic diseases, acute and chronic infections - intestinal infection, tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV infection. Penetrating into the human body, the causative agent of the disease releases toxins that damage the cellular structure. As a result, immunity decreases, the work of various systems and organs is disrupted. There are other reasons for losing weight.

Reasons for losing weight in women

There are many reasons for women to lose weight. If in a short time there is a loss of five percent or more of the body weight, it is necessary to urgently consult a specialist. A sharp weight loss is almost always accompanied by disturbances in the nervous and cardiovascular system, there is a water-salt imbalance in the body and failures in thermoregulation.

Sometimes, dramatic weight loss occurs when an energy deficit occurs. The reasons for its appearance are taking diet pills or long-term dieting. A poorly balanced diet causes the body to malfunction. Also, irregular nutrition can become the reasons for losing weight in women. That is, the body lacks vital substances, therefore it uses its own reserves.

It should be remembered that any low-calorie diet is only beneficial for a short period of time. If you constantly observe it, then the energy supply of vitamins, microelements and other useful substances will dry up in the body. As a result, diseases of the digestive system may develop. In particular, gastritis and pancreatitis are frequent companions of lovers of various diets.

When gastric juice is produced and food is not supplied in sufficient quantities, the enzymes secreted by the pancreas are involved in the self-digestion process. This releases toxins that damage the kidneys, liver, lungs, brain and other organs. Therefore, on fasting days, it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids, while avoiding acidic drinks, coffee and strong tea.

It is worth noting that gastrointestinal diseases are often the causes of weight loss, both in women and men. This can be a violation of the patency of the alimentary canal, various inflammatory processes, impaired absorption in the stomach and small intestine. In acute or chronic inflammation, metabolic disorders (catabolism) are observed, and the body's need for energy increases. And nausea, vomiting and diarrhea lead to the loss of proteins, electrolytes and trace elements.

Diabetes mellitus causes significant weight loss even with increased appetite. With this disease, there is a violation of all types of metabolism, primarily carbohydrate metabolism. Symptoms of the disease are thirst, frequent urination, dry skin and progressive weight loss, abdominal pain.

Also, the reasons for losing weight in women are often an imbalance of female hormones (although, in this case, a set of extra pounds most often occurs), postpartum depression, breastfeeding.

Reasons for losing weight in men

Quite often, the reasons for losing weight in men, as well as in women, can be hormonal imbalances and thyroid gland functioning. In the presence of problems with the endocrine system (Graves' disease, adrenal dysfunction), a sharp acceleration of metabolism occurs. The release of hormones in these diseases increases the metabolic rate. Food calories are burned faster. That is, when the same amount of nutrients enters the body, their use by the body increases. This leads to a negative balance and, as a result, to dramatic weight loss.

Common causes of weight loss in men
Common causes of weight loss in men

Other reasons for dramatic weight loss in men and women are cancer. Almost always, in the presence of malignant tumors of the liver, pancreas and intestines, rapid weight loss occurs. Malignant neoplasms cause disturbances in biochemical processes that lead to the depletion of internal resources. There is a general weakness of the body, decreased performance, lack of appetite. In many cancer patients, cancer cachexia is the cause of death.

Diseases of the hematopoietic organs, radiation damage, neurological pathologies, destruction (decay) of their own tissues can also become the reasons for a sharp weight loss in men. It can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of rapid weight loss, especially if there are no additional symptoms. Therefore, in the presence of a progressive decrease in body weight, it is imperative to consult a specialist in order to establish the cause in time and begin treatment.

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