How To Speed Up Hair Growth: 8 Secrets

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How To Speed Up Hair Growth: 8 Secrets
How To Speed Up Hair Growth: 8 Secrets

Video: How To Speed Up Hair Growth: 8 Secrets

Video: How To Speed Up Hair Growth: 8 Secrets
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How to speed up hair growth: 8 secrets

Beautiful, lush hair is one of the main elements of an attractive appearance. Huge sums are spent annually on the purchase of funds that promote hair growth, but even the most expensive and popular drugs do not help everyone.

8 effective remedies to boost hair growth
8 effective remedies to boost hair growth


Apparently, the point here is that each organism is individual. The average hair growth rate on the head is 7 to 15 cm per year. This process runs cyclically, depending on the sex and age of the person, diet, the presence of chronic diseases and bad habits, methods and means of hair care, as well as the impact of climatic and environmental factors. Experts believe that the rate of hair growth is associated with the genetic characteristics of the body.

However, you can try to speed up hair growth without resorting to expensive cosmetics. There are budget solutions to the problem that are easy to implement at home.

Application of aloe juice

Aloe juice contains biologically active substances and is a powerful stimulant. It is very simple to extract the liquid component: you need to cut off several leaves, rinse them, cut into arbitrary pieces and knead. The resulting juice is rubbed into the scalp and left for at least 2 hours, and then washed off with warm water. It should be borne in mind that a remedy made from a plant that has reached the age of three has the maximum effect.

Nicotinic acid for hair

Let's consider the principle of action of niacin using the example of Niacin for hair Renewal.

Niacin for hair Renewal
Niacin for hair Renewal
  • Awakens dormant hair follicles
  • Prevents hair loss
  • Has a keratin-restoring effect

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After applying Niacin for hair to the scalp, the following processes occur that affect hair growth:

  • the vessels of the peripheral network expand;
  • blood circulation accelerates;
  • the delivery of oxygen and trace elements to the hair follicles improves;
  • internal metabolic processes in the hair roots are accelerated.

All this prevents hair loss and stimulates new hair growth. An indirect action of niacin is its role in maintaining healthy hair pigmentation.

Hair follicle before and after the application of niacin
Hair follicle before and after the application of niacin

Panthenol mask

D-Panthenol is a pharmaceutical preparation containing a substance that is converted in the body into pantothenic acid (vitamin B5). The remedy has a strong regenerating effect, it is used to quickly heal burns, scratches, bedsores, as well as to improve the condition of patients suffering from dermatitis, furunculosis and other skin diseases. D-Panthenol is available as shampoo, cream, ointment, spray and gel. The latter two have been successfully used as scalp masks to help accelerate hair growth.

Spray or gel is applied to the roots of damp, freshly washed hair and left for 10-15 minutes, then rinsed with clean water. By treating the entire length of your hair, you can smooth it out and relieve static electricity.

The use of D-Panthenol has a number of limitations. Persons suffering from bronchial asthma are not recommended to spray the spray so as not to provoke an attack. In addition, the active ingredient D-Panthenol is able to overcome the placental barrier, so expectant mothers can apply it only to small areas of the skin (you should not make masks for hair growth).

Cold water rinse

The effect of contrasting temperatures has a beneficial effect on the blood supply to the scalp and stimulates the activity of the hair follicles. So it makes sense to rinse your hair with cool (but not cold!) Water. This can be done after every wash, mask, or conditioner.

Apple cider vinegar rinse

With regular use, apple cider vinegar not only enhances hair growth, but also increases hair elasticity and shine, and makes it easier to comb. In addition, the addition of acid to the rinse water will help remove detergents from hair more completely.

An excellent hair rinse is obtained by dissolving apple cider vinegar in cool water in the following proportion: 1 tablespoon of vinegar to 1 liter of water. This tool can also be used to fix hair color. For this purpose, brunettes and brown-haired women need to add a glass of rosemary broth to each liter of solution, and for blondes - a similar amount of pharmacy chamomile broth. You do not need to rinse off the rinse from your hair: unlike wine vinegar, apple cider vinegar does not have a strong obsessive smell.

It is enough to treat hair with vinegar rinse once every 2 weeks. The best effect is obtained with homemade vinegar. If this is not the case, then when choosing apple cider vinegar in the store, you should be guided by the following rules:

  • dark glass bottle;
  • fortress no more than 6%;
  • the presence of sediment at the bottom of the bottle (a sign of the naturalness of the product);
  • the formation of foam when the bottle is shaken (the faster it disappears, the higher the quality of the product);
  • indication of the composition of the liquid on the label only apple cider vinegar (without any additives).

Protein mask

Egg white nourishes the scalp with nutrients, accelerates hair growth and prevents hair loss. To prepare the mask, take proteins from 2 eggs, beat into a weak foam and apply it to the entire surface of the moisturized hair. To enhance the effect, you can wrap your head with a terry towel. After 10 minutes, the mixture is washed off with water at room temperature. The mask is done once a week. The positive effect is noticeable after 3-4 procedures.

Egg-cognac mask

A mask for strengthening the scalp and hair roots is prepared from 2 eggs and 30-40 ml of cognac. The mixture is lightly whipped and rubbed into the scalp, and after 15 minutes, washed off with cool water. You can add 2 teaspoons of olive oil to make your hair manageable and supple.

Essential oil mask

A mixture of equal proportions of jojoba, rosemary, lavender, thyme and almond essential oils diluted with any vegetable oil in a ratio of 1:10 has a good effect on hair follicles. The mask is kept on the head for 2 hours. To wash off the composition, you must use a well-foaming shampoo.

Spice masks

Ginger, cinnamon, mustard and hot red peppers have the ability to stimulate hair growth by warming up the scalp and stimulating peripheral blood flow. The following formulations are especially effective:

  • a mixture of alcoholic tincture of red pepper (you can buy at a pharmacy or prepare it yourself) and vegetable oil in equal proportions. The oil is sometimes replaced with a liquid vitamin A or E concentrate;
  • tincture of pepper, diluted with water in a ratio of 1: 2;
  • 2 tablespoons of dry mustard powder mixed with the same amount of water, 1 egg yolk and 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar. You can add 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil or fatty kefir to the mask for dry hair;
  • colorless henna (in the amount required for application to the scalp) with the addition of a pinch of cinnamon;
  • a mixture of 1 cup of kefir, 2 teaspoons of vegetable oil, 2 egg yolks and 1/4 teaspoon of dry ground ginger.

All masks, which contain spices, cause a burning sensation to one degree or another. This effect is especially pronounced with formulations with red pepper and dry ginger. The pungency of masks with mustard is directly related to the amount of sugar added to them (the more sugar, the stronger the reaction). Therefore, all such funds are selected, focusing on individual tolerance, and applied only to the hair roots. You can hold the mask for 20 to 40 minutes (until the burning sensation becomes strong). Rinse off with cool water, and if there is fat in the mask, use a mild shampoo.

Regular hair treatments will improve their appearance, but for maximum effect and complex effect on the hair roots, nourish your body from the inside with the Velnatal vitamin and mineral complex. It contains the most valuable components for women's health and beauty - polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega-3), vitamins B, C and E, as well as iodine, iron and zinc, manganese, copper and selenium.

B vitamins strengthen hair follicles, thereby preventing premature hair loss. Zinc activates the formation of collagen fibers and prevents hair breakage, and with it the appearance of split ends. Omega-3 will accelerate hair growth, and vitamin E - as a powerful antioxidant - will provide them with a glossy shine and silkiness.

"Velnatal" is balanced in composition and has a convenient form of administration. Just one capsule a day, and your hair will delight you with strength and shine.

The condition of the hair follicles is affected by the lifestyle in general. A person seeking to maintain the health of hair should understand that the problem of hair loss or slow growth cannot be solved by cosmetics alone. It is necessary to eat well, be outdoors regularly, and maintain a reasonable sleep and rest regime. This is the only way to preserve beautiful hair, elastic, healthy skin and strong nails. Without exception, all masks, conditioners, shampoos and other skin care products are just help.

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