Dentistry As A Vocation

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Dentistry As A Vocation
Dentistry As A Vocation

Video: Dentistry As A Vocation

Video: Dentistry As A Vocation
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Dentistry as a vocation

October 23 "First Professorial Dental Clinic" will be 15 years old

First professorial dental clinic
First professorial dental clinic

In 1998, despite the crisis and growing competition in the market, “First Professorskaya” was created. The founders of the clinic set themselves an ambitious goal - to become the best in the capital. And they did it masterfully. Very quickly "First Professorskaya" earned recognition among fellow doctors and the love of grateful patients.

"Pervaya Professorskaya" is located in one of the most picturesque places in Moscow near the Cathedral of Christ the Savior on Kropotkinskaya. Initially, the clinic was called the "Professorial Dental Clinic", and it owes them to its founders. At the origins of the creation of the clinic stood the leading dentist of Russia, professor, laureate of the state prize Valery Konstantinovich Leontiev and the chief dentist of Israel, professor Itzik Hen. In 2011, the prefix “First” was added to the name of the clinic.

Over 15 years of work in the First Professorial Dental Clinic, its own traditions have emerged: it is a friendly team, the ability to value each patient, an integrated approach - each doctor has a narrow specialization, but, regardless of the direction of his activity, he thinks and acts one step forward. The chief physician of the clinic, Grigory Vladimirovich Drobot, Ph. D. Has performed over 11,500 operations.

The result of the daily work of the clinic staff is more than 15,000 grateful patients, most of whom came on the recommendation. A visit to "First Professorskaya …" with the whole family is not uncommon, because the culture of treatment is passed down from generation to generation.

"Pervaya Professorskaya" uses the most modern methods of treatment, proven technologies, provides a wide range of dental services (therapy, orthopedics, surgery, orthodontics, periodontics, teeth whitening, hygiene and prevention, artistic restoration).

15 years together

The First Professorial Dental Clinic is confident that the main capital is people, mutual trust and support in the team. Many have been working in the clinic since its foundation. On the eve of her birthday, the dentist of our clinic Kristina Stryapina shared her thoughts and feelings about her life and work in the clinic.

  1. What has changed in your life over the past 15 years?
  2. What has changed in your professional life?

Christina Stryapina, dentist:

  1. “Changes come to us suddenly. We do not always provide them with a worthy meeting. It seemed that yesterday patients did not perceive me as a doctor because of my age. But time passed, youth swept away, giving way to experience. We have both serious victories and sensitive defeats. But the main thing is confidence in your professionalism, in making the right choice. I enjoy my job. Here is such an office romance. Whatever changes await me, this love is for life. "
  2. “They say that the ancient Chinese wished their sworn enemies:“So that you live in an era of change!”. It just so happened that an avalanche of change fell upon us, dentists. Yes, what! Yesterday's irreplaceable methods of treatment have given way to the latest technologies. The microscope has entered everyday practice. The work has become more difficult, but more interesting. We have to constantly learn, master new methods and techniques. But we can safely say: “We are at the forefront! We are developing domestic dentistry "For our patients, the changes in our professional life are not a curse, but a blessing and a guarantee of health."


Dental clinic team
Dental clinic team

Dear colleagues, friends, patients and staff of the First Professorial Dental Clinic!

What happened to the First Professors' Clinic was not inevitable. In our difficult time of changes, 15 years of successful work is a feat! The feat was accomplished by us, your founders, the administration, and most importantly - our team, a welded circle of colleagues, professionals, wonderful doctors, brilliant assistants.

A huge role in the establishment and development of the clinic was played by its chief doctors - V. S. Novikov and G. V. Drobot. Without their intellect, soul, and the highest professionalism, the First Professorial Clinic simply could not exist. The best doctors - G. V. Drobot, E. A. Khaustova, A. A. Vakhidov, K. N. Stryapina, M. O. Smirnova created the foundation of the "Professorial Clinic". Their hands have introduced and mastered the most advanced technologies in endodontics, prosthetics, aesthetic treatment and other areas of dentistry.

Through the efforts of the team, it was possible to collect a circle of patients who fully trust the clinic and have been treated and observed at the "First Professorskaya" for many years. They are famous scientists, artists, deputies, etc.

On the anniversary of the clinic, which is unique not only among private clinics in Moscow, but also in the country as a whole, let me wish further development of a wonderful team, health and happiness to our patients, joy and a decent life to all the staff of the First Professorial Dental Clinic.

Sincerely yours, on behalf of the founders

V. K. Leontiev

A. V. Lebedev

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