Anti-cellulite Wrap At Home

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Anti-cellulite Wrap At Home
Anti-cellulite Wrap At Home

Video: Anti-cellulite Wrap At Home

Video: Anti-cellulite Wrap At Home
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Anti-cellulite wrap at home

Anti-cellulite wrap at home
Anti-cellulite wrap at home

In the fight against cellulite, anti-cellulite wrap is considered one of the most effective means. With a little time and effort, you can put your body in full order, make your skin elastic and soft.

The wrapping procedure consists in applying a mixture of active ingredients to problem areas. These components remove toxins from the body and increase blood circulation. As a result, the skin becomes smooth and soft.

Do not think that the wrapping procedure can be carried out only in expensive beauty salons. Women can perfectly do similar procedures for themselves at home. We will burn about this in today's article.

Types of anti-cellulite wraps

The wraps are hot and cold.

Hot wraps are much more effective, since at high temperatures the active substances penetrate the skin much faster and deeper. However, hot wraps have several contraindications. They are prohibited for varicose veins, cardiovascular diseases, for some gynecological diseases, as well as for all types of tumors.

Cold wraps act much more slowly, but they are suitable for those who cannot, due to health or other reasons, do hot wraps.

Cosmetologists advise not to get carried away exclusively with hot or cold wraps. It is much more expedient and effective, in their opinion, to alternate the cold and hot methods. For the wrapping to give noticeable results, you need to do 10-15 procedures. Do not do the procedures more than two to three times a week.

It is important to know that during pregnancy, any body wraps are contraindicated!

What is needed to make a wrap at home

So, for the hot wrap procedure you will need:

  • mixture for wrapping;
  • warm blanket or blanket;
  • polyethylene film.

Before starting the wrapping procedure, it does not hurt to cleanse the skin of dead cells using a body scrub. For the same purpose, you can use coffee grounds, which are recommended to be added to body milk or shower gel. Cleansing the skin promotes better penetration of active substances under the skin.

After cleansing the skin, a mixture is applied to it. There are many recipes for wrap mixtures. Below are some of them.

Next, you should wrap your legs, hips or other problem areas in plastic wrap and cover yourself with a warm blanket. The duration of the hot wrap procedure is approximately half an hour. If you do not have even such a small amount of free time in stock, you can dress in warm clothes, for example, woolen, and continue to do your household chores.

If you decide to make a cold wrap, you don't need a warm blanket. In addition, the cold wrap procedure lasts longer and will take you 30 to 90 minutes.

After the recommended time has elapsed, remove the plastic wrap from the body, rinse the mixture under a warm shower and dry thoroughly with a coarse towel. You can do a small body massage and apply an anti-cellulite cream to the skin to improve blood microcirculation.

Several recipes for anti-cellulite wrap mixtures

1. Honey wrap.

Honey promotes the removal of excess fluid from the body and reduces body fat, so it is quite popular when used in cosmetology practice. Honey can be used in pure form, or you can mix it with essential oils of lemon, grapefruit and orange (2 tablespoons of honey and 4-5 drops of oil). You can also combine honey with milk or seaweed.

2. Algae wrap.

Homemade seaweed wrap
Homemade seaweed wrap

Brown algae, fucus and kelp are the most effective components of the wraps. You can buy them in almost any pharmacy in dry form. Dilute them with warm water before use. In addition, a ready-to-use algae mixture can be purchased at pharmacies.

3. Green tea wraps.

A few tablespoons of green tea must be poured with a small amount of warm water to get a mushy consistency. You can add a few drops of essential oils (anise, rosemary, lemon).

4. Wraps based on blue clay.

Dilute blue clay with a little water until a creamy consistency is obtained, add a few drops of essential oil and apply to the skin.

5. Oil wraps.

Essential oils are known to stimulate blood circulation and metabolism, rejuvenate the skin, which is why anti-cellulite body wraps based on essential oils are very popular. The most popular oils are rosemary, lemon, cypress, fennel, grapefruit, orange. To make a mixture of oils, you need to take 10-15 drops of a base oil, such as peach or almond oil, and add a few drops of other oils. Mix everything and apply to the skin.

6. Coffee grounds wraps.

Such wraps are also quite effective, as they stimulate the metabolism. To prepare the mixture, you need to mix coffee grounds with essential oils and apply to the skin.

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