Abortion At 3 Weeks - Available Methods, Indications, Possible Risks

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Abortion At 3 Weeks - Available Methods, Indications, Possible Risks
Abortion At 3 Weeks - Available Methods, Indications, Possible Risks

Video: Abortion At 3 Weeks - Available Methods, Indications, Possible Risks

Video: Abortion At 3 Weeks - Available Methods, Indications, Possible Risks
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Abortion at 3 weeks

Unfortunately, pregnancy is not always a welcome event.

How is an abortion performed at 3 weeks
How is an abortion performed at 3 weeks

Therefore, abortion is a procedure, although extremely unpleasant in the psychological and physical terms, but in some cases it is necessary.

The decision to terminate a pregnancy is every woman's right. If you do not take into account the moral side of the issue, then first of all a woman should take care of her health during an abortion. This is necessary in order to be able to plan and give birth to the desired child in the future. Therefore, it is advisable to terminate pregnancy at the earliest possible date, namely, the most preferable abortion from 3 weeks of pregnancy to 12 weeks. In any case, the earlier the pregnancy is, the more likely it is to terminate without undesirable consequences (an abortion at 3 weeks of gestation is preferable to 12).

According to the law, termination of pregnancy must be carried out under the supervision of a doctor. Otherwise, there is a high risk of getting various complications (infertility or even death).

Abortion at 3 weeks - what methods exist

If you found out about your pregnancy early, then 3 weeks are the most suitable for an abortion, so do not hesitate. An abortion at 3-4 weeks can be done in two ways: medication and vacuum.

A vacuum or mini-abortion is done using a special vacuum suction, which creates negative pressure and sucks the ovum from the uterus. At such an early stage of pregnancy, there is still no strong connection between the walls of the uterus and the ovum, so the fetus can be easily removed by vacuum suction. A mini-abortion from the 3rd week of pregnancy can also be indicated if the medical abortion was unsuccessful (the fetus has not completely removed from the uterine cavity).

The operation itself is very fast and takes no more than ten minutes. If the procedure takes place without complications, then the woman is allowed to go home after a few hours. For a vacuum abortion, 3-4 weeks is not early, since at this time it is already possible to determine the presence of a fetus in the uterus.

In general, with a mini-abortion, the risk of getting any complications is very low, however, it will not be superfluous to visit a gynecologist a couple of weeks after termination of pregnancy, since it sometimes happens that the remains of the ovum remain in the uterus.

The second method of abortion at 3 weeks is medication. At such an early stage (it is carried out up to 5-6 weeks), it is the safest non-surgical method of abortion. The procedure consists in taking certain medications, the most common of which is Mifepristone. This type of abortion at 3-4 weeks is usually carried out in two stages:

  • At the first stage, after an appropriate examination by a gynecologist, an ultrasound examination and passing the necessary tests, the patient is given to take the drug, after which she is under the supervision of doctors for several hours;
  • At the second stage (about 2 days after taking the medication), the patient is prescribed prostaglandins. As a result, a woman develops spotting, after which a miscarriage occurs.

Two weeks after the termination of pregnancy, the patient makes a control ultrasound, which confirms that the ovum has come out completely.

Medical abortion at 3 weeks gestation has several advantages:

  • As a rule, at such an early stage, it does not cause complications, and the very termination of pregnancy is as painless as possible and looks like ordinary menstruation;
  • The patient can continue to lead an active lifestyle;
  • There is no instrumental intervention in the uterine cavity, which excludes the likelihood of infection;
  • A medical abortion at 3-4 weeks is much easier psychologically.

There are, however, contraindications to medical abortion:

  • Severe asthma;
  • Ectopic pregnancy;
  • Long-term use of corticosteroids;
  • Chronic insufficiency of the adrenal cortex.

Early abortion from 3 weeks - what are the risks

It is hardly worth re-enumerating the benefits of abortion so early in pregnancy. Even from a moral point of view, it is much easier to go for it.

Vacuum abortion at 3-4 weeks
Vacuum abortion at 3-4 weeks

The fetus at this time is at the initial level of development, the sexual characteristics and organs have not yet been formed. The woman herself has not yet had time to become attached to the child, and even realize that she is pregnant.

Therefore, in the case of a firm decision to go for an abortion, 3-6 weeks is the most optimal time, since they will allow a woman to avoid severe mental and physical consequences.

When using medical abortion (3 weeks of pregnancy, for example), traumatism of a woman's genitals is completely excluded, the menstrual cycle is not disturbed. Therefore, there is no need to talk about the risks of termination of pregnancy at such an early stage.

With vacuum abortion, the risk increases in proportion to the gestational age. So, for example, an abortion at 3-4 weeks is more likely to end safely. The longer the term, the more the ovum is attached to the wall of the uterus, so an abortion may result in incomplete suction of the fetus. As a result, surgical cleaning may be required - scraping.

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