Abdominal Pain After Abortion

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Abdominal Pain After Abortion
Abdominal Pain After Abortion

Video: Abdominal Pain After Abortion

Video: Abdominal Pain After Abortion
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Abdominal pain after abortion

Abdominal pain after an abortion has a different localization and origin, they depend on which method of terminating an unwanted pregnancy was used, as well as how successfully the removal of the fetus and membranes was.

Abdominal pain after an abortion - what to do
Abdominal pain after an abortion - what to do

Abdominal pain after surgical abortion and vacuum aspiration

In traditional medical surgical abortion, as in mini-abortion, the most painful part of the operation is the destruction and subsequent removal of the ovum. Typically, at this moment, the woman is under the influence of anesthetics and does not feel pain. When the effect of anesthesia wears off, most women have lower abdominal pain after an abortion, but usually such painful sensations are mild and short-lived. According to the results of medical research, one in ten women who have a surgical termination of pregnancy need additional pain relief to relieve abdominal pain after an abortion.

Painful feelings are usually similar to those experienced by a woman during menstruation, the lower abdomen hurts after an abortion, while the sensations are pulling, aching, but not strong. They are caused by a reduction to the original size of the uterus, in which there are many sensitive nerve endings. Within a few days, the pain gradually diminishes and stops, so there is no need to see a doctor.

Abdominal pain after drug abortion

The essence of medical abortion is to provoke a miscarriage by taking special medications without surgery. The dead fetus leaves the uterus under the influence of prostaglandins, which increase the contractile activity of the smooth uterine muscles, resulting in a miscarriage. Therefore, the painful sensations in the abdominal area after an abortion from medications are similar to painful sensations in natural miscarriage and resemble labor pains, sometimes very intense. Such pains are accompanied by bleeding, but after the ovum leaves, then everything stops, although it still smears for some time after the abortion. Pain relievers should be taken with caution, since antispasmodics can weaken uterine contractions and disrupt the abortion process.

Complications after abortion

Complications after medical abortions occur very often, this is due to the specifics of the intervention, after which the uterus is an open wound surface, susceptible to any infection. Moreover, in 90 cases out of 100, the infection during surgical abortion is brought into the uterus from the woman's vagina. As a result of this infection, the inner lining of the uterus becomes inflamed (endometritis). If your stomach hurts and smears after an abortion for a long time, and the smell of discharge becomes unpleasant, then you should immediately consult a doctor.

Other complications in which abdominal pain after artificial termination of pregnancy will be one of the symptoms:

  • Rupture or partial damage to the walls of the uterus, may be accompanied by damage to other organs located in the abdominal cavity;

    Causes of abdominal pain after abortion
    Causes of abdominal pain after abortion
  • Incomplete removal of the amniotic membranes and the fetus, interfering with uterine contraction and causing prolonged severe bleeding;
  • Incomplete healing of the wound surface;
  • Injury, infection of the genitourinary system.

All these complications can cause painful sensations in the abdomen, so it is very important for a woman to control her health after an abortion. She needs to be examined regularly by a gynecologist for at least several months.

But even if all the unfavorable symptoms have stopped in due time, after the abortion, it is imperative to visit a gynecologist two weeks later and undergo a medical examination.

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