Salofalk - Instructions, Reviews, Analogues

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Salofalk - Instructions, Reviews, Analogues
Salofalk - Instructions, Reviews, Analogues

Video: Salofalk - Instructions, Reviews, Analogues

Video: Salofalk - Instructions, Reviews, Analogues
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Instructions for use:

  1. 1. Pharmacological action
  2. 2. Release form
  3. 3. Indications for use
  4. 4. Instruction method of application
  5. 5. Side effects
  6. 6. Contraindications
  7. 7. Analogs
  8. 8. Terms of dispensing from pharmacies

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Salofalk in candlelight
Salofalk in candlelight

Salofalk is an anti-inflammatory agent used to treat bowel diseases.

pharmachologic effect

Salofalk acts directly on the intestinal mucosa, therefore it is considered a local anti-inflammatory agent.

The active substance of the drug is mesalazine, which, in addition to anti-inflammatory, also exhibits antioxidant properties.

Release form

Salofalk is produced in the form of enteric tablets and granules, suspensions and rectal suppositories.

Indications for use

Salofalk and Salofalk analogues are prescribed for the treatment of Crohn's disease - a chronic disease of the small intestine, as well as ulcerative colitis.

Judging by the reviews, Salofalk has established itself well as a prophylactic agent: regular use of the drug makes it possible to avoid exacerbation of these diseases.

Salofalk instruction: method of application

Salofalk tablets
Salofalk tablets

Salofalk tablets are taken orally: adults are recommended to take 1500 mg per day. If the inflammation is severe, the dosage can be increased to 3-4 g. Treatment with pills can be continued for 2-3 months.

For the prevention of recurrent inflammation, Salofalk is taken at 1500 mg per day. In some cases, prevention lasts for several years.

Children weighing up to 40 kg are given the drug at a dosage of 750 mg per knock. If the child weighs more than 40 kg, he can be given 1500 mg per day.

As a preventive treatment, children are prescribed 750 mg per day.

The tablets are recommended to be taken whole, without chewing, with plenty of water.

Salofalk granules according to the instructions for exacerbation of ulcerative colitis take 1500-3000 mg per day. For maintenance treatment, 1500 mg per day is prescribed.

Children over 6 yrs. with exacerbation of intestinal inflammation, the drug is given in a dosage of 30-50 mg / kg. As a maintenance treatment, children are prescribed 5-30 mg / kg.

The acute stage of ulcerative colitis usually resolves in 8-12 weeks, after which the dosage can be reduced to 1.5 g. Children weighing up to 40 kg can be prescribed granules at a halved dosage for adults. Children weighing more than 40 kg can be prescribed the drug in the same dose as adults.

Salofalk granules should not be chewed either.

Salofalk rectal suppositories are used three times a day - injected into the rectum. The required daily dosage is 1500 mg. If the case is severe, the dosage can be doubled. With prolonged therapy, it is prescribed to administer 750 mg per day. Acute inflammation, judging by the reviews about Salofalk candles, goes away after 8-12 weeks.

The suspension is used at a dosage of 60 g per day. The agent is injected into the rectum with an enema at night. The intestines must first be cleaned.

Side effects of Salofalk

Salofalk can cause fever, bronchospasm, urticaria and itching, myocarditis, pericarditis, anemia, neutropenia, agranulocytosis, diarrhea, acute pancreatitis, hepatitis, flatulence, nausea, abdominal pain, interstitial nephritis, increased activity of liver enzymes.

There are reviews about Salofalk, indicating that the drug can provoke baldness, dizziness, headache.

In case of an overdose, drowsiness, nausea, gastralgia, vomiting, and weakness occur. In case of an overdose, the patient is washed with a stomach, given a laxative, the necessary symptomatic therapy is carried out, in some cases - forced diuresis.


According to the instructions, Salofalk is not prescribed for children under two years of age, patients with severe impairment of the kidneys, liver, hemorrhagic diathesis, blood diseases, peptic ulcer of the gastrointestinal tract, with hypersensitivity to salicylates, mesalazine and other components of the drug.

Salofalk and analogues of the drug for breastfeeding, pregnancy are not recommended.

When prescribing medication, it is taken into account that Salofalk can enhance the effect of anticoagulants, which, in turn, can cause gastrointestinal bleeding.

It is undesirable to combine the drug with glucocorticosteroids; in addition, it has been established that mesalazine can reduce the effectiveness of furosemide, rifampicin, spironolactone.


Salofalk's analogues are: Pentasa, Mesakol, Salozinal, Mezavant, Asakol, Kansalazin, Mesalazin, Mezavant, Ulcolfri.

Terms of dispensing from pharmacies

Dispensed by prescription.

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