8 Best Teas For Weight Loss

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8 Best Teas For Weight Loss
8 Best Teas For Weight Loss

Video: 8 Best Teas For Weight Loss

Video: 8 Best Teas For Weight Loss
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8 best teas for weight loss

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  1. The most suitable slimming drinks

    1. "Flying Swallow"
    2. "Pokhudin"
    3. "Evalar bio"
    4. "Siberian swallow karkade"
    5. "Lose weight" Ceres
    6. "Super Slim"
    7. "Altai No. 24"
    8. Altai No. 3 with cassia and mint

    Any tea means a natural product that consists of various herbs, flowers, crushed fruits and spices. Today, special types of drinks are produced with which you can reduce weight:

    The most suitable slimming drinks

    Infused herbal raw materials in tea have a good effect on metabolism, removes harmful elements from the body.

    The best slimming drinks
    The best slimming drinks

    Flying Swallow

    Cleansing collection, has a harmonious taste. The course of admission is designed for 1 month. It is taken according to the scheme: drink 14 days - 7 breaks. Use the product during dinner, 1 packet per glass of hot water.


    The drink helps in weight loss. It suppresses the feeling of constant hunger, stimulates metabolism. The composition of the tea is selected correctly, the complex contains B vitamins.

    Evalar bio

    Tea for course use. The manufacturer did not disguise the unpleasant taste of the drink. "Evalar Bio for appetite control" is recommended to drink in a course - twice a day. Only 1 package needs to be poured with boiling water (glass), leave to infuse for 10 minutes.

    Evalar bio - a series of drinks for weight loss
    Evalar bio - a series of drinks for weight loss

    Siberian swallow karkade

    The herbal collection has a fairly strong laxative effect. The action comes quickly, so you should count on it if you need to go somewhere. The drug normalizes metabolic processes, eliminates prolonged constipation, stabilizes the function of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens the body's defenses.

    "Lose weight" Ceres

    A tea drink with a simple composition of components. Consists of hibiscus and alexandrian leaf. The course of use is designed for 14 days, 200 milliliters each after lunch and at night. Prepare the drink as follows: pour 1 sachet with boiling water (1 glass), let stand for 10 minutes.

    Super Slim

    Means of course use - 14, 21 days. The preparation is standard: dip the sachet in boiling water (1 glass) and leave for half an hour. You need to drink with food - 1 time. It is allowed to divide the dose into 2 doses, but drink it before lunch.

    Applying slimming teas
    Applying slimming teas

    Altai No. 24

    Fitness tea targets athletic people. It strengthens, restores strength. Classic cooking - 1 bag / glass of boiling water. Take with food, breakfast and dinner. Courses of 3-4 weeks.

    Altai No. 3 with cassia and mint

    The drink https://aptstore.ru/ helps to control hunger. It cleanses the intestines well. It consists of the following components: a complex of vitamins, herbs that reduce food cravings. They drink tea with food, 1 packet each, brewed in a glass with boiling water.

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