Technologies That Will Revolutionize Healthcare In

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Technologies That Will Revolutionize Healthcare In
Technologies That Will Revolutionize Healthcare In

Video: Technologies That Will Revolutionize Healthcare In

Video: Technologies That Will Revolutionize Healthcare In
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Technologies that will revolutionize healthcare in 2018

In 2018, Russian healthcare is expected to undergo big changes. They will mainly concern the active introduction of information technologies and, in particular, telemedicine. Finally, the practice, which has long been used in the most developed countries and which Russian patients have been waiting for so long, will become a reality. The government has already approved a bill on telemedicine, and soon it will be considered in the State Duma.

Russian citizens will be able to consult doctors without leaving their homes - via the Internet. Doctors will be able to remotely monitor the patient's condition, write electronic prescriptions and certificates.

I would like to hope that this time Russian doctors will be able to get a service "out of the box" - a completely ready-made, working system that will not have to be adjusted for years. Such systems are already operating in Europe, the USA, Israel. One of such telemedicine services is Diagnosis plus - a platform that allows a patient located anywhere in the world to consult with Israeli doctors about their diagnosis or receive recommendations regarding treatment. Let's take a closer look at how this platform works - maybe this experience will be useful to Russian specialists after the law is approved by the State Duma they don't have to create a telemedicine concept from scratch.

What is service?

The service allows the patient to get a virtual appointment with an Israeli doctor and undergo a video consultation. To do this, just go to the website and leave a request.


How is a video consultation prepared?

After the patient has left an application on the website, the service manager contacts him and clarifies the details of the future consultation. He helps to choose the most suitable doctor and determine the date and time of the consultation. The patient then sends electronic copies of their medical documents to the service by e-mail.

Why do you need to send your medical documents?

The patient's certificates, extracts and other medical documents are sent to the doctor, who, on their basis, draws preliminary conclusions regarding the diagnosis of the disease.

How is the video consultation going?

The doctor via the Internet, via the Skype video communication program, clarifies the details regarding the patient's condition, answers his questions and at the end of the consultation draws up a medical report indicating the final diagnosis and detailed recommendations for treatment. The patient receives a copy of the report by email.

Why Israeli doctors?

Israeli medicine is one of the most advanced in the world. In terms of the quality of medical services provided to foreign patients, Israel ranks third in the international ranking. In 2016 alone, more than 80,000 Russians were treated in foreign clinics, and Israel became the most popular destination for medical tourists. The accuracy of diagnostics, which is carried out by Israeli doctors who cooperate with Diagnosis Plus, is 98%.

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