Healthy Thyroid Gland - Cheerful Mood Plus Beauty

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Healthy Thyroid Gland - Cheerful Mood Plus Beauty
Healthy Thyroid Gland - Cheerful Mood Plus Beauty

Video: Healthy Thyroid Gland - Cheerful Mood Plus Beauty

Video: Healthy Thyroid Gland - Cheerful Mood Plus Beauty
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Healthy thyroid gland - cheerful mood plus beauty

Everyone is accustomed to the fact that in the fall the body's defenses decrease and many ailments worsen. This is usually associated with a banal lack of vitamins, cold weather, rainy weather, but few people think that the problem can be much deeper and more serious. It is in the fall that problems with the thyroid gland are discovered.

Causes of thyroid problems
Causes of thyroid problems

The state of apathy, depression, mood swings, fatigue, drowsiness, weight gain - this is how changes in the thyroid gland can manifest themselves. Sometimes a person freezes, even if he is dressed warmly and for the weather. This condition may indicate a lack of thyroid hormones (hypothyroidism).

Or vice versa - there is an excessive activity of the thyroid gland (hyperthyroidism), which can manifest itself as excessive nervousness, palpitations, insomnia, and a sharp decrease in weight.

Women's question

Thyroid problems are more common in women, as their bodies are more susceptible to hormonal changes. If a woman's thyroid gland is not normal, this does not reflect in the best way on her appearance. The skin becomes dry, dull, unhealthy redness appears on the face, circles under the eyes, hair loses its shine, and nails become weak and exfoliate. Stabilization of the thyroid gland helps to improve complexion, stop hair loss and brittle nails, and, in general, preserve youth and beauty.

Natural Non-Hormonal Complex for Thyroid Health

Complex "Endocrinol" Evalar
Complex "Endocrinol" Evalar

Complex "Endocrinol" Evalar - capsules and cream based on white cinquefoil - is suitable for those who have decreased thyroid function and those who have it increased.

With the help of the cream and capsules "Endocrinol" you will be able to "take care" of the thyroid gland both from the outside (cream) and from the inside (capsules). Double action - double result!

Complex "Endocrinol" Evalar for the thyroid gland allows:

  • avoid "seasonal fluctuations" in its work;
  • normalize hormone balance;
  • support the normal function of the thyroid gland, its structure and size;
  • to maintain beauty and youth.

In addition to these properties, there are several more features that distinguish the "Endocrinol" complex in a number of other drugs.

5 reasons to choose "Endocrinol" Evalar

  • "Endocrinol" is a non-hormonal agent of natural origin 1.
  • Optimal composition: a specially developed formula of the extract and powder of Potentilla roots ensures their synergistic effect.
  • The maximum benefits of white cinquefoil, collected in Altai and processed at the moment of maximum biological maturity using modern technology, which preserves all the useful properties of the plant.
  • Double action: the only 2 complex for the health of the thyroid gland, acting from the inside (capsules) and outside (cream) - for the optimal concentration of biologically active substances.
  • Favorable price and high quality according to GMP standard! 3

The main ingredients of the complex "Endocrinol" Evalar

White cinquefoil - The main component of the cream and capsules "Endocrinol"
White cinquefoil - The main component of the cream and capsules "Endocrinol"

The main component of Endocrinol cream and capsules is white cinquefoil, a plant with beautiful white flowers, known in folk medicine for its ability to improve the condition of the thyroid gland, normalize hormone levels, and maintain its normal function and size. The content of natural iodine, as well as a huge amount of other vitamins and minerals, provides everything you need to maintain the fragile health of the thyroid gland.

The effectiveness of preparations based on cinquefoil depends on the quality of the extract. And the quality of the extract - from the competent collection of the plant and processing. Unfortunately, white cinquefoil is rarely found in nature. That is why the Evalar company grows this unique rare plant on its own plantations. The company's specialists carefully monitor the growth of the plant, collect it strictly during the period of maximum saturation with biologically active substances, process it at low-temperature conditions in order to preserve the maximum useful properties. It is thanks to this that the Endocrinol complex has a guaranteed high quality.

Also, the complex "Endocrinol" includes medium stellate - a plant that has been used since ancient times to normalize the functions of the thyroid gland. Medium stellate contains a large amount of vitamin C, as well as carotene - provitamin A, necessary for the proper functioning of the thyroid gland.

Another component is common toadflax. In folk medicine, on the basis of this plant, ointments were made for resorption of nodules and seals in the thyroid gland.

The natural non-hormonal phytocomplex "Endocrinol" has no side effects, which is why it can be used both to prevent thyroid dysfunction and to correct the consequences of these disorders.

Take "Endocrinol" from Evalar, and your thyroid gland will not notice seasonal fluctuations, will not allow functional failures and will produce exactly as many hormones as needed. Your healthy thyroid gland will help you stay alert, in a good mood, and a blooming appearance!

1 For active ingredients.

2 According to the marketing agency CJSC DSM Group, for the period 2015-2017.

3 Capsules "Endocrinol".


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