Why Does One Month Old Baby Not Sleep

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Why Does One Month Old Baby Not Sleep
Why Does One Month Old Baby Not Sleep

Video: Why Does One Month Old Baby Not Sleep

Video: Why Does One Month Old Baby Not Sleep
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Why does one month old baby not sleep

Why does one month old baby sleep badly?
Why does one month old baby sleep badly?

The required duration of sleep for a month-old child is 18-20 hours. This time is necessary for the correct installation of growth and maturation hormones, the peak of which occurs precisely at rest. If a month-old baby is awake, the growth process slows down. The baby's lack of sleep has a number of reasons, among which neurological pathology accounts for hardly 1-2% of all cases. Basically, a month-old child does not sleep well for everyday reasons, that is, for those that depend on the behavior of the parents. Most of them are mothers.

One month old baby does not sleep well

A child, like an adult, needs appropriate conditions for proper sleep. The kid cannot independently eliminate the reasons that haunt him. Tired, the child falls asleep, but instantly wakes up and lets his parents know that something is wrong with him.

The main reasons for anxiety due to which a month-old baby is not sleeping or waking up unexpectedly:

  • Raw diapers - elementary and simple. However, it is not always clear for parents. When feeling the backrest - dry! And it's damp inside. A small portion of urine is enough to haunt the baby;
  • Incorrectly selected diapers: for girls - worn by a boy, or vice versa. Universal diapers are, however, more suitable for girls than boys. Urine can leak past the absorbent layer, then the liquid is cooled and the child wakes up.

In addition to the immediate, contact reasons for which a month-old baby does not sleep, the environment matters:

  • Illumination;
  • Noise level;
  • Air quality;
  • Uncomfortable air temperature, both low and high.

Increased physical and mental activity leads to depletion of the imperfect nervous system. An over-excited one-month-old baby does not sleep, since the processes of inhibition of the central nervous system are suppressed. Instead of calming down, the baby continues to move his arms and legs, screaming. Oddly enough, in contrast to all the newfangled trends, tight swaddling helps in such cases. "Forced" immobilization of the extremities extinguishes the focus of excitation in the brain, the inhibition system begins to prevail, the child falls asleep. By the way, the child's psyche depends on the timely repayment of the focus of excitation. If the processes of arousal continue to prevail, a person's temperament is unlikely to become balanced.

Medical reasons why a month-old baby does not sleep

When a month-old baby is awake, attentive and empathetic parents turn to doctors. Since sleep problems are dealt with by somnologists, whose number is limited by the standards of medical care (one specialist is relied on for several tens of thousands of the population), the child is referred for examination to neuropathologists.

Pediatric neurologists try, first of all, not to miss the initial forms of neurological diseases. When there are no disorders of the nervous system, and a month-old baby does not sleep, from the point of view of neuropathologists, the cause should be sought in birth trauma. It is impossible to dispute this diagnosis, it is difficult to treat. In life, everything turns out to be much simpler and more prosaic.

When a month-old baby is awake, he either plays or cries. In the first case, there are no fears for the baby's condition. It is much more difficult when the baby is crying. The most common cause of concern in such cases is not the imperfection of the central nervous system, but the digestive system. The weakening of intestinal motility can be triggered by inaccuracies in nutrition. Perhaps parents are using the latest recommendations on breastfeeding, which do not advise (up to an outright ban!) To give the baby water. Breast milk is believed to have enough moisture. As a result, the intestines are loaded with fats and carbohydrates, not having time to digest them. Gas does not go away, the baby's tummy swells. In such cases, a one-month-old baby does not sleep due to pain. It is recommended to heat the diaper with an iron, then attach it to the baby's tummy. Dill water is recommended from "medicines". If such events do not help within an hour, you should immediately call an ambulance. Perhaps the causes of abdominal pain are more dangerous. If the baby's tummy is soft, the baby does not react in any way to probing, there are no medical reasons for the baby's concern.

Errors in sleep and wakefulness

When a month-old baby does not sleep well at night, even after eating, therefore, he is accustomed to certain actions of his parents that precede going to bed. If the baby was rocked before going to bed, the baby requires a repetition in the middle of the night. In such cases, the parents either rock the baby every time after waking up at night, or try to put the child to bed without additional manipulation. If the baby gets used to falling asleep in bed, and not in his arms, waking up, he finds himself in the same environment in which he fell asleep. That is, a month-old baby does not sleep well at night for one reason - the wrong setting for the night. Despite the fact that the baby's nervous system is in a state of development, he still understands when it is dark and when it is light. And if a child is accustomed to the fact that night is a state of absolute rest, he will not want to play at this time. It is important for mom to take into account that when a month-old baby is awake after night feeding, the baby should not be fondled and excited by his nervous system.

One month old baby does not sleep during the day

Since the waking period of a month-old baby is only 4-6 hours, the baby should sleep at least 10 hours during the day. Excessive activity at this age is also wrong. The baby's body grows not only at night, but also during daytime sleep. During the day, they play more with the child, he sees many new people, gets a lot of impressions, so he cannot sleep.

Why does one month old baby not sleep during the day
Why does one month old baby not sleep during the day

It seems that if a month old does not sleep during the day, he will sleep at night! It would seem elementary, but the rules for adults do not apply to babies of one month old. Overexcitement continues, and a month old baby does not sleep well at night. A situation arises when a month-old baby sleeps little during the day.

One month old baby sleeps little

There is only one reason for poor sleep with the right regimen and the absence of irritating factors, it is also the main one. Only a hungry month-old baby sleeps little, and it is necessary to find out: is there enough breast milk for him? For this, several control feedings are performed with subsequent weighing.

If the fears are confirmed, you need to debug the feeding. Although at this age, the introduction of complementary foods is not yet recommended, but in exceptional cases it is allowed on the recommendations of the district pediatrician.

Not eating enough, a month-old baby sleeps a little, because he wakes up from hunger and requires an additional portion. To prevent early falling asleep in such cases, it is recommended to breastfeed. Or, in extreme cases, when there is not enough milk, use an artificial mixture, which should only be served from a spoon. Otherwise, you can forget about breastfeeding.

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