Blackheads On The Face - How To Deal With Them?

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Blackheads On The Face - How To Deal With Them?
Blackheads On The Face - How To Deal With Them?

Video: Blackheads On The Face - How To Deal With Them?

Video: Blackheads On The Face - How To Deal With Them?
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Blackheads on the face - how to deal with them?

Blackheads on the face - how to deal with them?
Blackheads on the face - how to deal with them?

One of the most pressing skin problems is blackheads, or comedones. They can appear in every person, regardless of gender, age and skin type. The reason for their appearance is the blockage of the ducts of the sebaceous glands.

With black dots on the face, it is not only possible, but also necessary to fight. After all, they give the face such an unkempt look! Of course, it is best to try not to allow them to appear at all. To do this, you need to find out the reasons for their occurrence.

The causes of comedones

The most common cause of comedones is getting dirt and dust on your skin. If the duct of the sebaceous gland is clogged, then a speck of dust that has fallen on the skin is in a closed space. The closed time does not allow it to go out, so ugly white bumps with a black dot in the middle appear. They appear, as a rule, in the most problematic places, where the skin is the most oily - this is the nose, chin and forehead.

Improper diet can be another cause of comedones. Excessive consumption of sweet, fatty and spicy foods, as well as alcoholic beverages, leads to clogged pores and, as a result, blackheads appear. Try for a while to give up a lot of seasonings, salt, sweet and flour foods. After a while, you will notice that your skin has become much cleaner, small pimples and blackheads will disappear.

Healthy eating recommendations

Fish should be eaten regularly, as it contains oils and fats necessary for the skin. Also regularly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, grains, which contain vitamin A, which is responsible for skin health. It is very useful to eat nuts containing a lot of vitamin E. And before bedtime it is recommended to drink one glass of fermented baked milk or kefir. Fermented milk products contribute to the entry of beneficial bacteria into our body, which have a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract.

Prevention of comedones

The main thing, as you know, is not treatment, but prevention. It’s easier to prevent a problem than to fix it. Therefore, it is best not to bring the skin to the point where blackheads begin to appear. And for this it is necessary to regularly and systematically cleanse the skin.

This is especially true for women who use cosmetics. Even if you come after a hard and long day at work, and you simply do not have the strength for anything else, be sure to find them to cleanse your skin before bed. Remove makeup using a special milk or liquid, and wash off its remnants from the face with soap foam. At the end of the procedure, wipe your face with lotion and apply a nourishing cream.

It is necessary to cleanse your face in the morning. Some often neglect this, believing that the skin does not have time to get dirty overnight. In fact, at night during sleep, enhanced metabolic processes take place in the skin, the skin is renewed, and a layer consisting of sebum and dead cells forms on it, which must be removed with a cleansing lotion.

A couple of times a week it is necessary to deeply cleanse the skin. To do this, you can alternate facial peeling and a cleansing mask. The peeling particles should be small enough so as not to injure delicate skin. If there are inflammations and pimples on the skin, it is better to postpone the peeling, as this can further aggravate the infection.

Here's a proven recipe for a great cleansing clay face mask. Mix the clay with a little warm water to create a thick mass and apply on face for ten minutes, then rinse with warm water. Several of these treatments will make your skin look much cleaner.

Mechanical way to get rid of comedones

The fastest way to get rid of blackheads is to steam your face and squeeze out the blackheads. But it has significant drawbacks. Firstly, this procedure should be carried out only under sterile conditions, otherwise an infection can get into the wound and a huge red pimple or abscess forms in the place of a barely noticeable black point. But this is only half the trouble. As a result of an infection, your face can be completely covered with pimples. In addition, this procedure is quite painful.

If you do decide to use this method of getting rid of comedones, use caution. To steam your face, pour water into a saucepan and boil it. You can add in there any medicinal herbs, such as string or chamomile, that reduce inflammation. Remove makeup from your face and bend over the saucepan, and cover your head with a towel. Sit like this for ten minutes.

Wash your hands with soap and thoroughly disinfect. Now you can proceed directly to the procedure for extruding black dots. If the skin is well steamed, then the dirt should be squeezed out easily. Once you're done, you need to tighten your pores. To do this, wipe your skin with a special product (lotion or tonic) and apply a clay mask to your face. You can also rub your face with an ice cube. This procedure should not be performed more than once a week.

Face masks for blackheads

Face masks for blackheads
Face masks for blackheads

Masks act more slowly than mechanical cleaning of the face, but the result will be more delicate and gentle. After the masks, there will be no scars and wounds on the face. The mask should be applied to well-cleansed skin. Only fresh ingredients should be used to prepare masks.

A mask of fine salt and soda helps very well. From the gel for washing, create a little soap suds, add a tablespoon of fine salt and soda there. Apply this composition to your face and leave for five minutes. During this time, you may feel a slight burning sensation and tingling sensation - this soda has begun to act on the pores. Then rinse off the mask with warm water and apply a moisturizer on your face. After a while, you will notice the effect - the pores will be deeply cleansed and the number of comedones will significantly decrease.

Another effective mask is protein. Add one tablespoon of sugar to the white of one egg and stir until the sugar dissolves. Apply half of the mixture to your face and wait until the mask is completely dry. Apply the other half on top and use your fingers to "drive" the mask into the skin. Do this until the mask stops sticking to your fingers. The mask is quite effective, because during such driving, a sticky mass is formed between the hands and the skin of the face, which draws out the dirt from the pores. After the mask, apply a moisturizer to the skin. The mask can be done up to twice a week.

The next mask is kefir. Heat the kefir in a water bath and apply it on your face, leaving it for 5-10 minutes. Kefir contains acids that help dissolve sebum, and skin pores are deeply cleansed from the inside.

Unfortunately, no remedy, even the most expensive, will help you get rid of comedones right away. Complex and regular care is necessary for the face skin, only then the result will be noticeable.

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